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Vigilante Galaxy

Posted on Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 @ 6:50am by Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Amata Zan
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Mission: Chapter 3 - Outbreak
Location: Tranquility
Timeline: Backpost, Beyond the Shore Outbreak

:: ON ::

"Thank you for seeing me." A vulcan was crossed in a chair opposite Amata's desk. More often it was security crew with outstanding complaints against them than journalists in R'ul's position, but he was the sort of man who would seem out of place among whatever surroundings. The vulcan held a small remote in one hand, and unfolded a moment to click off his hovering film-drone.

"Excuse me, I would like to repeat my introduction again." He tapped on the remote screen and the drone emitted a stronger light, tinted slightly green to help in post-production. He resumed an exact replication of his former pose.

"Thank you for seeing me, Lieutenant. Amata Zan is chief security officer aboard the USS Tranquility. Would you agree that you have expertise in tactics as well, sir?"

Amata took a long look at the recorder drone and than at R'ul, "Security is simply the implication of certain tactics to create or maintain a desired operational situation..." began the bulky Bajoran, who was suddenly very thankful he wasn't every expressive, as he stopped himself, "But that does not answer your question," nor would it mean much to the Vulcan's intended audience. He sat as blank as a statue for a moment before starting again, hopefully with an answer that pleased both his numerous superiors, the people of the planet below, and his own need for privacy.


R'ul's shoulders crested in a manner that suggested a long sigh without disturbing the audio. While he completely approved of the man's manner, he found himself planning ahead to the editing of the holo-footage, when he reoriented their conversation so that Amata was not looking right into the sensors.

"Would you please relay your position on the tactical state of the Araceli colony, or that of your ship," said R'ul simply, though he held up a hand so he could slip in a caveat, which no doubt would colour any following statement the Lieutenant made. "Having been wounded yourself in the city, I respect if you might have preferred more more active officers on the ground at the time."

"What is wrong with me being wounded," Amata half-asked the journalist, almost looking amused for a moment. "The Marine unit arrived and subdued the hostile element even while their larger forces were preparing to stand down," remembering the story he was to tell, "I assumed such risks when I enlisted." This time with only his eyes, the lieutenant looked at R'ul's camera drone, wondering what the Vulcan wanted him to say, "I am satisfied with being the only casualty.

The Bajoran shifted in his seat, though it was not clearly a sign of discomfort, "I am happy to see the martial law coming to an end."

"Some speculation circulates that Palacios' company of marines do not share this same opinion. Moreover, it is unclear whether personnel from your vessel are working separately toward other goals than personnel occupying the city. To what degree are you responsible for recent events on Araceli?" said the reporter.

Amata snorted before he could catch himself, he made sure to look straight at the drone once again, before looking back to R'ul stoically. "I would have to hear the logic behind your speculation before I could address it." The security officer adjusted himself in his chair and fixed his duty jacket, his next few words starting with a grumble, "Colonel Palacios and Commander Adina are working together with local groups to organize the withdrawal of her personnel."

Pausing, the lieutenant swallowed, he felt long winded, and wondered if his answers sounded as artificial they felt. He he looked at the drone again briefly before speaking to R'ul, "During the attack on the Kin community building, I was meeting with one of their representatives. A Kin adolescent entered the room warning about soldiers. When I had a visual on the group, I was able to determine they were non-military, I advised Tranquility."

R'ul, the vulcan reporter, placed his hands together in his lap. If his look of dispassion was too little for Amata to judge, he could at least read the moments of displeasure as R'ul regarded the probe. Amata looking at the camera constantly made editing the story much more inconvenient.

R'ul very clearly had a pretty good idea of everything going on on the surface of Araceli. "Please recount to our viewers you injuries," requested the reporter. "Where was your marine support during this time? Or perhaps, the support from your vessel?" he also added.

Amata made a face before he relented. "I was shot in the chest with a projectile," the lieutenant pointed to his combadge, "The round exited through my shoulder blade." Briefly, he worried that this would be the part that stuck with people, bullets being as anachronistic as bolts and arrows. His voice became a slightly sterner, "The Marine unit arrived within minutes, incapacitating all six shooters with no casualties, while Tranquility provided orbital overwatch, a shuttle with medical and security personnel set down moments after."

R'ul seemed to want to keep on this topic, the matter of Amata's injury. That was sometimes the way with journalists and diplomats, to twist the knife in order to extract unguarded, reactionary responses. R'ul seemed to be interested in facts, but he could be as much inclined to present evidence against Tranquility as against the protesters, or the marines, or starfleet, or even the Kin Yao. His line of work was all the more dangerous with logic as the masthead.

"Thank you," he said. "And these individuals you apprehended -can you identify them for record? The spokesman for the marine unit has stated that they were participants in the protests." Which was essentially accurate. R'ul looked over a series of hand written notes, and included, "Sixteen additional citizens have been arrested for public safety, allegedly because they were armed and under suspicion of violence." He paused and studied Amata's response.

"The six individuals that committed the assault on the community shelter were acting under the authority of a foreign agent, who is currently in Starfleet custody, whose affiliations will be forwarded to the press when they are confirmed." He stalled, "Three three of which were locals, while the other two were slave-conscripts. They are currently in Marine custody." The lieutenant leaned forward and rested his elbows on his plain grey desk, "I can make no comment on the sixteen other arrests, I was not involved in these matters and can offer no additional information."

"One was a colleague I know personally," said R'ul calmly. He was saying it to Amata, rather than for the camera. He was almost done, now with the distinct impression Amata would be too much effort to squeeze for details. "I would like permission to seek statements from other members of the crew, if I may," said R'ul slyly. Before Amata could answer, he finalised his thoughts. "If you had anything to say to the people of Araceli, what would it be?" he asked. "Will you recommend provisions or actions common people in the colony should take to protect themselves, or to put things in order again? As man who has been injured on our planet, I feel we must apologise to you for these circumstances, but what might you ask of our citizens in return? Where do you believe our efforts best lie?" R'ul put up a finger beside his head, and one of the drones relocated itself to hover in the empty space. Amata was centre-shot now.

With a look that made it clear what he thought of R'ul, Amata seemed to sit a little larger as listed off his responses to the journalists questions, "I empathize with your colleague Mr. R'ul. That aside, I do not have the authority to grant such permissions." He paused with a deliberate breath, "Currently, local emergency services are distributing and providing aid, those who wish to contribute to these efforts should inquire with local officers as to how, I am not one to simply preach my opinions."

Amata made eye contact with R'ul.

The vulcan was nodding, but stopped when Amata ended his commentary. He returned the stare, just as blank, just as intense, then tilted his head. His eyes moved for a moment toward the hovering drones. "Oh, my apologies," he said smoothly, and lifted a finger. The drones hovered further away. "Please ignore the cameras from now on. You were... saying?" The man put a hand to his chin, indicating directly and unambiguously for Amata that he now needed to add something else.

Amata tilt his head as well, "You didn't interrupt me, I had finished speaking."

The camera drones awkwardly hung on Amata's response. Another moment of suspended silence followed.

"Thank you," said R'ul. The cameras returned to him, and moved into a clump between them, separating Amata from his interviewer.

"Lieutenant Amata Zan is Chief Security Officer aboard the Starship Tranquility. My name is R'ul, of Araceli Local AGN."

:: OFF ::

Amata Zan
Chief of Security
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Civilian, Archanis Sector


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