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Posted on Sat May 13th, 2017 @ 1:38am by Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Amata Zan & Ensign Lenore Fitzpatrick Ph.D.

Mission: Chapter 3 - Outbreak
Location: Deck 8
Timeline: After Pale Fox

:: ON ::

Lieutenant Amata left the turbolift and walked down the corridors of deck eight. He could see the anxiety in the other members of crew as he passed them, just below the surface. Some, by themselves, moved at a rushed place from origin to destination, others were stay close to friends, people they knew and trusted, people whom they could never conceive of being a danger to them. No eye contact, no stopping to chat as they passed others, just a cautious distance. The Bajoran remembered when he used to feel the same way. Instead all he felt were his responsibilities, like the acidic burning of carrying too much, with only the thought that he could never drop it, another thing he remember.

Finally he came to the ship’s Counseling and Family Services Center, bypassing the reception desk and making his way to his destination. It was either a privilege of rank and position, or Amata had simple forgotten protocol. The door was clearly marked in Federation Standard, a confusing, non-intuitive that had once been his biggest challenge.

He pressed the chime button, “Counselor, it is Lt. Amata.”

The doors hissed open and revealed Lenore Fitzpatrick was directly in front of it, her finger on the pad which opened the door. Her expression was impassive, but her eyes revealed her concern for the crew as a whole and Hadley in particular. The death of Lieutenant Karima had hit everyone hard and out of professional and personal obligation, Fitzpatrick had wanted to go to Hadley's side immediately, but after reaching out to security, the counselor had agreed to respect protocol as long as she was eventually given the all clear to assist. "Thanks for coming as you promised," she offered distractedly. "How may I help? Do you need me to meet with Hadley? I suppose I should also meet with the person who discovered Karima," she added.

"Jentii," answered Amata, "I believe it would be appreciated, at least by the envoy." He had actually given little thought to the Mordanite's mental health. "As for the Lieutenant Commander..." the Bajoran quickly check both ways down the corridor and quickly admitted, "She could use a friend," looking briefly uncomfortable. He gestured with the padd in his gloved hand, "Could I enter?" It seemed an inappropriate topic for public.

Fate chose that moment to send a Risian man, a civilian escort, and his Zibalian host strolling down the corridor. The Risian smiled invitingly at Amata while Zibalian seemed oblivious to the existence of Amata or Fitzpatrick.

"Of course," Lenore offered hastily. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you hanging in the corridor. I guess I'm more distracted than I thought. How else may I help you?"

Amata slipped passed the doctor and into her office, slower than he should have, stopping in front of the office’s desk. He held the out the padd in his hand and offered the counselor, “Images of the crime scene.” On the padd were pre-loaded files documenting the discovering of the two bodies, both laying upwards on their backs, the damage bloody and messy, covered in Romulan green and Terran red, “I appreciate that your trade is more complicated than this, but I need a motive to understand."

Lenore accepted the PADDs and gestured for Amata to take a seat if he desired. Attempting to make up for her earlier laps in politeness, she asked, "May I get you something to drink?"

Amata let his weight drop into the offered chair, taking a moment to appreciate the rest, even if as he refused further hospitality, "It is appreciated, Doctor, but I am not thirsty," the poor piece of furniture strained beneath him.

In the meantime, Lenore began to look over the information related to the parallel murder investigations to see if she could ascertain anything related to motive. She appreciated the security officer's acknowledgment of the complexity of what he was asking of her. "Right off the top, I see contradictions. On the one hand, it takes a great deal of planning and technical expertise to create the opportunity for these murders to occur, and on the other hand, the killings themselves suggest a rage and a degree of passion that suggests these murders were personal for the person or persons responsible. I'm sure you've investigated this already, but were you able to identify anyone who might have had a grudge against one or both of them?"

"A grudge," Amata repeated, a joke almost in his voice as he remembered the images on the bad, it sounded so passive-aggressive compared to what had occurred, "No. With a sigh, the security officer learned forward in the chair, fiddling with his bare ear, "Fox's body has only just been removed to the labs and Karima..." another sigh, this time as he fiddled with his bare ear, "Diplomacy is... intricate, as it seems the lieutenant was." The only thing odd, and that the Bajoran believe was relevant, was the unscheduled meeting the day before she died. He gave the counselor a look, "Is it possible someone could have made these look personal, faked the rage." The Bajoran did not want to admit it, but he knew exactly how to replicate the damage found of the bodies, and he almost wanted the murdering to be a detached professional.

"It's certainly possible," Lenore conceded, "though I'm not sure if there's much for the killer to gain by faking such rage, considering that to do so, he or she would have to be willing to take the extra time and effort, and risk being caught just to throw us off track."

"Then tell me about someone who kill two people, could this be about Karima. Perpetrator realizes they like it, so they kill Fox, or am I being dismissive here?" Amata knew he was in over his head. He could see patterns, clues, but he knew enough that his unskilled guesses would more than likely lead him down the wrong path. Absent-mindedly, he played with his earring. He had originally select to serve as a tactical adviser and had not been selected for his position through typical channels. Tranquility did not have an Investigative officer.

"Anything is possible," Lenore replied, "though it's hard for me to imagine a carefully planned murder such as Karima's resulting in a second completely different killing, with different circumstances and a different location altogether, all because the killer decides he enjoys the sport of it. That sort of circumstance suggests the killer recently discovered his appetites, and I'm just not getting that sort of read based on what we know was done to Karima. I would agree, however, we need to investigate her life more fully. Even if the deaths turn out not to be related, it started with her, and there'd have to be clues there..." be continued

:: OFF ::

Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lt. Commander, USS Tranquility

Amata Zan
Chief of Security
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Lenore Fitzpatrick
Chief Counselor
Doctor, USS Tranquility


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