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Presidential Dinner for Two

Posted on Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 2:44pm by Commander Tyro Adina

Mission: Chapter 3 - Outbreak
Location: Tranquility
Timeline: Transit

:: ON ::

"You were saying..." said a woman's whose presence was too important for any other patrons of Nikoelin's lounge to linger inside five meters. The nearest tables were empty, or occupied by a secret-serviceman with a plate in front of them. Further than that many of the patrons had vacated, or retreated to the bar to gossip with Coco. She brought a Riesling to the table on a hovering serving cart, which had it's own pool full of chilled air. She left it nearest the on-duty officer, as a dry joke.

"About pirates," said Marcella. She waved one of her guards over and he began setting the table, filling two glasses of white wine for them. "Please have a drink if you're going to tell me 'it's classified' to save from hurting my sensibilities."

Kaelin eyed the glass. While the details of that botched mission were mostly classified, the scenario itself was not. There were certain things that she could say. Besides, she was probably more likely to face consequences over dining with the first lady, than with letting a few sensitive details slip.

"You know pirates. If it's shiny, they have to have it. Out on its own, the Mercury was a gem in the rough. I don't know what exactly they were hoping to accomplish though. Starfleet vessels are not easy prey... if and when the term can even be applied to them. Raids are rare, and successful boardings almost unheard of. We had a movie filmed aboard this ship a few months back that would try to tell you otherwise though." Kaelin offered a charming smile.

"No, I have never met a single one," responded Marcella. She did not seem particularly interested with piracy figures, but for some reason parts of the conversation stood out to her more than others. "If they came in boats like this one, we might talk, but everyone seems to think they are so tasteless, don't they? Like those Ferrengi. What in goodness' sake is the point of wealth if you fly in rubbish around the quadrant? Good ceilings." She indicated the rotunda, casting the impression of sunlight down into the hall.

"-May as well signify the hallmark of any sufficiently advanced society."

"Quite right." Kaelin deadpanned, taking a sip of wine. The woman's grasp of the concept of piracy seemed to be tenuous, at best, but then again she probably understood better than some politicians. "That, and magnificently attired leadership." She added, strikingly a somewhat coquettish pose even though she was referring to Marcella.

So, Lady Marcella, what do you think of Tranquility?" Kaelin inquired respectfully.

Marcella laughed, then took a drink from her wine glass. It was long and thoughtful, and she then placed the glass on the table and did not touch it for the rest of their meeting.

"How many ships like this one are there?" she observed."To be clear, I'm not impressed by the great variety of roads either. I can't say for sure if nothing interesting ever happens aboard ships. It's like replicator suites. Some people prefer true gravity to the synthetic stuff." Marcella leaned in closer and put her elbows on the table, resting her chin on the tops of her hands.

"I'm willing to be proven wrong. Perhaps the crew accommodations will pique my interest," said the president's wife, smiling.

Kaelin swallowed. Being a master insinuator herself, she was able to read into what Marcella was saying. Kaelin's life was replete with all manner of indecencies, but they had always been paired with equal discretion. Crew accommodations? Why ever would she want to see how the lowly like her scraped out a measure of comfort in space? What little there was. Who would have the sheer nerve to invite her?

"Well, I uhm..." Kaelin hesitated, feeling on the defensive. "You would like to continue the... tour?" She didn't know what else to say, with the secret service lurking nearby, and not to mention the crew.

:: OFF ::

Kaelin Vex
Flight Control Officer

Marcella Moneo
Federation First Lady


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