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You Wanna Live Forever, You Apes?

Posted on Fri Apr 7th, 2017 @ 11:05pm by Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Commander Tyro Adina & Ensign Kazaaakplethkilik

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Kaelin's Quarters

:: ON ::

Tranquility was fitted to be a model of Starfleet, distorting the reality just slightly for the aroma and the flavour of a truly diverse galaxy. It was still mostly humans, of course. However, some crew found the design of the ship not quite so natural. To them, what felt familiar to humans remained distinctly alien.

Kaelin was coming off her shift, and with her appointed leave to go down to Betazed coming soon she had the stress of packing to look forward to, as well as the knowledge of what awaited her on the planet below.

The door swished open into her dark quarters, but entering it became clear that something was not quite as it should be... Only the most paranoid crewmembers locked their quarters for fear of their shipmates, but a shadowy figure moved in the starlight of Kaelin's dark room. It loomed above her, unnatural, emitting a pitchy crackling like a dusty fire as it shuddered in surprise. Out of the darkness, a tall creature approached, lowering long tendrils from its insectoid head to probe the air coming in from the corridor. It stared right at Vex with bulging eyes, and its heavy pink forelimbs pulled it closer toward the door, clawed and serrated enough to strip a living tree of bark and branches, or worse.

Kaelin should've known someone was in her room even before the doors opened, but she was in such a rush she didn't feel the emotions until they were amplified by her sudden arrival. Surprise mixed in with her own. Unused to such a lifeform, the giant insectoid lurking in the darkness looked like something out of a nightmare, and she hastily stepped back, only able to utter a high pitched squeak. Unfortunately for her, Kaelin's non-regulation heeled boots were a poor choice with which to beat a hasty retreat, and she tripped and fell, smacking her head against the deck hard enough for her to see little beyond swirling milky way.

The creature stepped over Kaelin's coffee table to get to her, it's long articulated legs scratching somewhat as she crossed over to the fallen officer. In Kaelin's delirium, the insectoid monster almost appeared to have a yellow choker around its neck, with bumps almost resembling pips pinned to the yellow strip of uniform fabric. The creature bent over Kaelin and put a long limb around her, but the spiny arms weren't attacking, and the creature lifted Kaelin gently and supportively.

"Sss, lieutenant! Tell me please that you are alright... this one surely deserves to be punished for the misfortune that follows it..." worried the monster.

Dazed and confused, Kaelin was totally out of it. "No... mommy... I don't feel so good... I don't wanna go to school today..." She moaned pitiably, stirring in the monster's arms. It took her a few more moments to recover. "Eek! Nonononono! Don't eat me!" She cried out in barely contained terror once she saw the creature. She could do little bug kick her legs at the knee, with the rest of her effectively pinned up in the monster's arms.

Much larger than Kaelin, the alien showed no comprehension or concern that the woman thrashing below it might be uncomfortable. Pinned under one of the powerful primary limbs and the not-quite totally stiff surface of the alien's pink body, it dropped something on the floor next to it and stepped on it with another of its legs.

"This one shall not eat the peaceful human. It would be honoured for a demonstration of calm. Kazaaakplethkilik to superior one."

After a pause, the communicator decided that meant Ritona Frialis. "This ill-fated one has disturbed a most frightened member of the crew... it is uncertain what can be done. Requesting assistance please."

The comunicator stayed quiet for a second before Ritona replied "On my way"

Within a few moments Ritona entered the room.

"Ensign. Move away from the Leftennant, slowly." she said calmly. She knelt near Kaelin and placed her hand on the frightened woman's shoulder

"Leftennant?" she asked, changing her tone to soothing.

Kaelin looked around, trying to figure out who the other lieutenant was speaking to. What was a... leftennant? Who was the ensign? The... bug? She looked around, still somewhat dazed. Alien beings she'd never seen before, in her quarters, officers speaking gibberish, and deck three turned into bizarro world... it could only mean one thing. Another weird movie filmed on the decks of Tranquility.

"I sure hope Koyak got what he wanted from that shot!" Kaelin said, eyes narrowing as she searched for the hidden cameras. "Now I have a splitting headache, and I'm not filming that again! Go find Yeoman Nu'Havri, she likes this sort of thing!" She held out her arm, expecting someone to help her up.

Not having a clue what the LT holding her arm up to her was on about, Ritona felt confused. She grabbed the lieutenant's arm and helped her up.

"Are you okay?," she asked, looking over Kaelin for any obvious injuries before adding, still confused "Who's Koyak?"

"A film-maker from the planet Risa!" replied the insect creature excitedly. It had sulked into a corner of the room, but it was now knocking it's wrists together enthusiastically. It looked around for any cameras. "Such a one is... here? Such a one is filming now? Certainly it is beyond the dreams of this most unworthy one to meet Rostor Koyak IN PERSON! The alien responsible for a most sublime and exhilarating holo! No finer a performance there has ever been made, truly..."

Kaelin's expression glitched as she listened to the insectoid. So apparently Koyak wasn't aboard. Unless it was now his method to dupe all of the actors in a scene. She looked around suspiciously. Could there be cameras? "Oh dear." She said, holding onto Ritona's arm, quite possibly for both physical and emotional support. "I think I need a drink."

Ritona frowned. "No, as far as I'm aware this isn't a film set. it looks as if the ensign gave you quite the fright." she commented, steadying Kaelin and looking at the bump that was starting to swell on the back of her head. "That's quite the egg." she said, lightly touching a hand to it to see if it was bleeding. "we should get you looked at."

"Report to engineering please Ensign. I will be down to talk to you once I've got the Leftennant looked at. " She said, her tone carrying an authoritarian calm, but the icy gaze would have told anyone that she was less-than-impressed.

Kazaaakplethkilik shrunk a little, tapping her limbs together anxiously. "Y-yes sir," she said. How shameful for her... to have earned a reprimand so soon after boarding. The insect creature bowed, and slunk out into the corridor. She tried to make her way to engineering, though she showed up in the science labs in confusion and disarray before finally finding her way.

"Yes... maybe that's a good idea." Kaelin said, sounding a bit distant as she felt the bump and eyed the departing ensign. So that had just happened. Maybe her confusion had been a concussion speaking, but she'd thought it had been some kind of karmic nightmare. Smaller insects not unlike the ensign were a popular snack item on Betazed. She'd eaten many of them. It would have been a fitting irony to be devoured by one in turn.

"Any idea what she was doing in here?" Ritona asked, helping Kaelin towards the door. "From first impressions it looked as if she'd assaulted you, but she seemed just as surprised about it as you are."

"Fixing something, I hope... in the dark." Kaelin said, still looking quite confused. The insectoid ensign hadn't attacked her, but she hadn't stated her reason for being there either. Like most senior officer's quarters, her door was always locked as a matter of security. "I wasn't expecting anyone to be lurking in the dark... I tripped." She looked around nervously. "Maybe she fixed my replicator? I've been trying to get it fixed for months..."

"Well I'll take charge of that now," she said as they exited the quarters. "Is yours the one that's only serving klingon food?" without waiting for an answer she added "If I have to rip it out and give you a new one, I'll get it done."

she walked a little with Kaelin before stopping. "erm, Im new to this ship, where is sickbay?"

Kaelin almost looked dubious, but then again, her replicator was an agent of chaos and seemed to resist all attempts to impose order. Up until now, all the engineers could seem to do was to keep the problem from spreading.

"Umm. Deck eight." She said, in regards to sickbay. Kaelin was very familiar with the Majestic-class, but the Tranquility's layout was a bit different than other ship's of its class. She was sure sickbay was on deck eight though, even if she'd only been to that deck a handful of times. She gestured to the nearest turbolift.

"That replicator is a menace, I tell you." Kaelin insisted. "I've tried to task security into starting an investigation... there must be some kind of treachery at play. I've never seen a piece of technology more hostile and insubordinate..." The helm officer seemed poised to go into a full-blown conspiratorial rant.

"I'm sure it's a simple error with the computer, If all else fails I'll give it a few whacks with a hammer" Ritona said, walking Kaelin onto the turbolift. "if in doubt. Give it a clout"

"Sickbay" she said out loud, the doors closed and the lift began to move. "Once we get you to the Doctor, I'll go have a little word with our insectoid friend, I'm still confused as to what she was doing in your quarters." she added with a sigh.

If in doubt... Kaelin nearly shook her head in confusion. A most peculiar work ethic indeed. Or maybe it was a joke. She still felt like having a stiff drink. Then it would be easier to fight the urge to not to return to her quarters and find a nice secluded Jeffries' tube to hide in instead. The doctor would no doubt have a different opinion on that.

Leaving the turbolift, Kaelin started dragging her feet, forgetting that that the turbolift they'd taken led almost directly to sickbay.

Walking Kaelin to sickbay, Ritona told one of the nursing staff what had happened and left the lieutenant in their capable hands before heading towards engineering and what would probably be a lengthy and heated discussion with her subordinate.



Kaelin Vex
Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Ritona Frialis
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Kazaakplethkilik "Klicky"
Engineering Officer
Ensign, USS Tranquility


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