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The Exchange Part I (continuation from Pre-Convention Conventions)

Posted on Sun Feb 12th, 2017 @ 11:47am by Lieutenant Kaybok
Edited on on Mon Feb 20th, 2017 @ 3:35pm

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Betazed Recreation Gardens
Timeline: The next day, between after breakfast


Kaybok had enjoyed visting with the officers from the USS Calvin the night before; the science officers on the Calvin proved some great insight into some theories he had been researching on his own. The next morning at breakfast, some of the other officers ribbed him because they knew this Klingon officer enjoyed, shall we say, a good time. Even though it was in good fun and he knew they didn't mean anything by it, it was like a broken holoprogram that repeated itself over and over. There were times when another ship would allow some time for the officers onboard to visit each other, Kaybok would be the example officer, but in his off time, he was all-out Klingon, enjoying a rambunctious time with other officers, especially Klingons. Klingons, even those on the High Council, enjoyed letting their hair down and forgetting formalities when official duties were done for the day. Kaybok enjoyed himself fully on these excursions. However, he wanted to change from the party-hardy Klingon he was known for.

After Kaybok had a light breakfast of toast, Ktarian eggs with a dash of dill weed and juice with his shipmates, Kaybok decided to take a nice walk in the Recreation Gardens and enjoy the scenery while taking some holopictures and recording things down on his PADD. Nothing like this, Kaybok thought. As he was walking, he got lost in his thoughts and didn't see the officer coming towards him and almost fell in the water as the other officer grabbed his hand. Unfortunately, Kaybok fell in a bit of mud.

"Lieu-Lieutenant! I'm so sorry!!" the ensign said. Kaybok looked at the officer, then looked at himself and laughed. "It is quite alright, Ensign; there is nothing a quick change will do. I am the one who must apologize," Kaybok said as he got up and checked out his PADD and holocamera. "I was not watching what I was doing; I was enjoying the scenery!"

"Well I am truly sorry again... by the way, my name is Ensign Ian McClellan, assistant cyberneticist onboard the USS Calvin. Unfortunately I had to leave right after you came over to our table. I had to meet..."

Kaybok smiled at the 5'5" slim man. "It is no crime, Ensign Ian McClellan, to meet someone for any reason when you are off duty or when you have free time away from the convention. Please, while we are not on official duty, call me Kaybok. May I call you Ian?"

"That would be my honor, Sir, I mean Kaybok," Ian said, still a little nervous at talking to the big, tall Klingon. Ian was not used to officers being so jovial in their off-time.

"Wonderful. I will be needing to meet with my shipmates for a workshop after lunch, but I am free until then."

And I will be meeting the chief cyberneticist, Lt. Fortner, for lunch; otherwise, my schedule is free as well, Kaybok."

"My guest quarters are in complex B, nearby... I will meet you in say, 10 minutes, here," Kaybok said. "I do not think my commander would like to see my uniform unkempt!" Ian and Kaybok both laughed.

Less than 10 minutes later, Kaybok came back, and the two start talking about their cultures and their families, ship and so on and so forth. Both were basically unfamiliar with where the other was from.

"Well, I am from Edinburgh, Scotland, which is the capital of our great country, and quite a few of my ancestors were in the military," Ian said with pride.

"Really now? Klingons have always been great warriors. I am from outside the capital city by several kilometers. Some of us, though, like myself and my grandfather, Antaak, desired to go into the sciences. My grandfather's family, especially his father, was not pleased, to put it lightly. By the way, your last name... they are part of what is called a... a..." Kaybok said, stumbling at his words.

"A clan, my Klingon friend," Ian said. "Clans are very similar to your Houses on Kronos, and we have sometimes died defending our clans in small wars and battles."

"Interesting... my and your cultures are very similar...," Kaybok said with a smile. "We also have a glorious opera and enjoy many beautiful things, as your culture has. Do you have a great warrior that your people has followed for centuries, or do you simply keep your culture alive with many stories?"

"There have been some great men and women in our past, and we do remember them, but we do not worship them, as some of your people worship Kahless. We believe in family, and how important family is above all else. We teach our children the stories of our warriors, sing the songs of our musicians and tell the stories of our authors."

"As do we, Ian," Kaybok said as they walked and occasionally took a holopicture. "Personally, I do not worship Kahless, but I do enjoy the stories of our first Klingon. Every Klingon child grows up hearing the stories and songs of the great Kahless such as this one, called 'Hear! Sons of Kahless!' Kaybok starts to sing the great song of victory. Ian tries to join in but to no avail. Kaybok laughs.

"We have our own songs we love, some a bit calmer, and some that would put your songs a run for the money!" Ian said. "Let me think now... here's a great one! This is a popular Irish song about the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland. It's called 'the Rising of the Moon'

When Ian was finished, Kaybok was blown away...and then slapped Ian's back in camaraderie.

"Your people are about as passionate as Klingons are! What a rich heritage you have... you know, i have an idea. Let's exchange different music from each of our cultures. Who knows? I might write a Scottish ballad and you might perform Klingon opera!" Both laugh.

"Of course, Kaybok... yes... yes I would definitely enjoy that. And any performances we give, we should record for the holodeck. There is one that all Irish love and I'll make sure I put a priority on it."

*Ian's combadge chirps* "Lt. McClellan... I do not mean to interrupt your vacation, but I do not see you in the Dining Hall. Are you on your way?" Lt. Fortner said.

"Yes Sir... I am on my way, my apologies," Ian said. I had to... assist a friend of mine."

"Very well. I will be here. We have much to discuss, and I am looking forward to your ideas," Fortner said. "Fortner, out."

Kaybok and Ian walked to the Dining Hall, and shook hands before they went in.

"Well Kaybok, duty calls... I look forward to this cultural exchange, something I am quite passionate about. It was quite the pleasure to have met you and gotten to know you. You know, we could exchange some of our people's real alcohol if you'd like..."

Kaybok smiled. "Yes, that is very acceptable as well," Kaybok said. "This was quite enjoyable Ian... let us keep in touch... and you need to feast with Lt. Fortner!" Several people passed by the two officers as they went inside. Kaybok cleared his throat. "Ensign..."

"Lieutenant...," Ian said.

Both nodded to each other and went inside to their shipmates.

Later that evening, after workshops and dinner with his shipmates, Kaybok was winding down for the evening. The monitor was beeping, signifying a priority communique.

"Who is this at this late hour? Very well. Authorization Kaybok-Alpha-Targ-Targ-Aardvark-Kicker." The Federation logo disappeared and in came the message.

"Hello, Kaybok. I apologize for this late hour, but I really wanted to send this to you. The meeting with Lt. Fortner went without a hitch and we are going to experiment with my theories on the positronic brain for androids. This may not be as rousing as your battle song, but this is ... very special and I hope you enjoy it. You can also tie it into the holodeck when you're ready. I look forward to our communiques... Lieutenant (laughs). Forgive me Kaybok, I just had to say that; you help me feel at ease with myself. Ian, out.

"Well I shall have to get him back... Computer! Send a priority message, subject, Klingon Victory Song! Message: QAPLA'! QaQ jupwI' ghom! *laughs* This means "Success! It was good to meet you my friend!" Ian, enjoy this song of victory that rings through all Klingons. I look forward to sharing a mug of bloodwine and a small glass of Irish whiskey! Enjoy this song of victory my friend... I know there are Klingons onboard. Ask them about a particular ceremony that requires... painsticks! And by the way, a congratulations to you concerning your theories. Kaybok, OUT!

Kaybok then opened the attachments, 'Over the Rainbow' and 'What a Wonderful World' and Danny Boy? Humans have strange titles for their music. Very well." Kaybok listened to the songs...

As the last song finished, tears streamed down his face.



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