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Port of Call

Posted on Mon Feb 27th, 2017 @ 10:47pm by Commander Tyro Adina & Commander Berdas & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha & Lieutenant Amata Zan & Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Lieutenant Kaybok & Lieutenant Terri Lee & Ensign Lenore Fitzpatrick Ph.D.

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Tranquility, Briefing Room
Timeline: During Convention

:: ON ::

Many opportunities had come and gone for her to do so, but Tyro hadn't called a meeting of the senior staff since the ship left the Klingon Border. During the months of patterned, choreographed operations she'd met with officers individually. Not once had she gathered them together in the briefing room, yet for what might have been negligence, the ship functioned well with each department coordinating if they needed. It put Tyro in a position of looking selfish and lazy, but she wasn't wrong to assume that her senior officers knew what they were doing. If she couldn't rely on them to function with an absent captain, why wouldn't a crew of holograms do any better?

Regardless of how peculiar her leadership was, Commander Adina had the staff together some time since the opening celebrations of the convention. Enough time had gone by so that officers with the ship since it left Luna already got their chance to vacation on Betazed. If not, they at least knew something had to be different, since they were sitting in the conference room that Tyro so seldom used for staff briefings.

The oval table was deformed with plasteel supports and struts. The older wood, or what remained of it, was significantly deteriorated, since all of it had been recovered from the wreck of the USS Tranquility. The original table had, at some point during the unfinished story of the ship, been cut with a phaser, suffered the damage of a crash, and survived the hostile elements of life on the surface of an alien planet. What remained of the original table was secured together in a design that highlighted the artifact among prosthetic joinery, and showed off the scars beneath a protective layer that smoothed across the surface. In the centre, of course, was the lotus icon seen throughout the rest of the ship.

"We've all been busy," acknowledged Tyro, knocking on the table to get the attention of her officers. There were enough arrived already to start. "We may not be able to resupply above a Federation world again for some time, so it might seem pre-mature but we should all coordinate now to make sure Tranquility is well stocked for whatever might be ahead of us. Everyone, let's all get on the same frequency before new orders are in. If you have something for me, or the other departments, now's the time, yeah?"

Looking around the table, Amata, Tranquility's security chief, decided to begin, sounding stern, "With the new crew we've just taken on, I believe we need to begin running ship wide evacuation, combat, and breach drills." He handed the padd resting in front of him to the captain, with exercise outlines and a possible schedule in the readied tabs, "Besides the obvious reasoning, it should work to familiarize them with the ship and integrate them into the existing crew."

Terri still didn't like lotuses - they were still stupid - but she just couldn't take her eyes off the lotus icon in the middle of the briefing table. There was something mesmerizing about it, and it annoyed her. She was annoyed. That is, until she heard the words "combat" and "breach drills." Looking up and away from the lotus icon, she turned to the man who had spoken those beautiful words.

"I'm in." She said enthusiastically.

Ritona nodded and sat forward in her chair.

"I agree with the Leftennant" she said nodding to Amata.

"Speaking from a new person's point of view, I'd welcome some drills, It'd help me integrate better with my team. I'd also like to suggest running emergency drills with a specific focus on engineering. For example, if the bridge was disabled, I'd like to know in advance how quickly I can get bridge systems set up in engineering for the command staff. There are a few others such as emergency management drills. I am still unfamiliar with my team. While NCO's and junior officers are there for this reason, I'd like to see how my team react to say a simulated Antimatter containment destabilization. It would help me get to know who knows the ship and team best and assign in-case-of-emergency rolls to people that react better under that sort of pressure, regardless of rank." She paused, looking around the table.

"And how many of your various teams have any sort of field medical training?" Alekelia asked to everyone in general. "One must always presume that in such conditions as you are preparing for there will be injured."

"All crew have basic Starfleet first aid," answered Amata, "Though there should be a few who are due for re-certification."

"Maintenance wise, We are completely stocked, there are no outstanding major issues with ships systems, Engineering stands ready" Ritona added confidently.

Berdas sat in his chair to the side of the captain. He listened to the crew as they discussed combat and emergency drills. He knew the importance of those. There was more than one occasion such training had saved his life. That didn't mean that he enjoyed it, of course.

"Drilling and spare parts aside," said the Bolian, "we'll need to ensure that we have enough cutlery, linens, and foodstuffs stored to ensure we can meet any need. I'm sure Hadley has a detailed list on that front. The last delegation we hosted had the bad habit of stealing the flatware."

Kaybok couldn't believe his Klingon ears; he had had enough. He stood up.

"Drills... for combat and other battle scenarios? HMPH. All due respect Sir, I agree we do need to be ready for invasions, battles with the enemy and so on and so forth, but what you are proposing is implicating that Tranquility is a ship of battle as a any Bird of Prey... and even they now do not look for battle...," Kaybok said. He paused a moment. "Forgive me for speaking out of turn and speaking... loudly. I do have a suggestion. We are by no means a Klingon ship, but a Klingon ship worked together as a unit, and we need to take our cue from that; I propose a holoprogram is written for all of the crew, from the lowest ensign all the way to the captain. This program would keep us up to speed about emergency procedure, battle scenarios and any other situation on the ship. I will use myself as an example. What if I was in Engineering and there was a warp core breach, or if an enemy intruder came on board and I was the only one in Engineering to eject the warp core? I would not know what to do! I also want to suggest having an Emergency Medical Hologram, or any emergency hologram in any department, just in case the department heads are incapacitated. Though it does not seem... logical, as our Vulcan officers would put it, my science department would benefit from a hologram. There might be a mystery they could assist with that I or my other assistants cannot solve.

As Kaybok finished, he sat down and hoped his point had come across.

Amata breathed in deeply before responding and, with his elbows of the conference table, grabbed his own clenched fist, resting his forehead against before exhaling slowly, "No Lieutenant, what I am proposing is well within Starfleet procedure." He brought his head up to stare their Klingon fellow as he finished, "I'm not suggesting we militarize the crew, I'm suggesting we maintain the state of readiness expected of us. We drill so we know what to do if you cannot stabilize the warp core, or there is suddenly a hole into space where a bulkhead once was..."

The Bajoran stopped, and seemed to collect himself as re-adjusted his seat and sat up straight, "I also disagree with the idea of a emergency holograms, at least for security."

Flight Control tended to take a back row seat in these kinds of meetings, so Kaelin had contented herself to waiting her turn to speak. But that didn't mean she was willing to wait until after the fight for time and resources was over. Departments could and would bicker about that all day.

"Nothing noteworthy to report from flight control." Kaelin cut in. "Once we have a mission and destination I'll adjust the flight simulations accordingly. Most of my people have some auxiliary training, but it couldn't hurt to push a bit more on them while we're waiting for tasking." As for the debate on holographic personnel, she kept quiet for now. She thought it a waste of resources for the most part... by the time you needed emergency holographic personnel, the hardware to facilitate them was already damaged and suffering power failures.

Putting a calmer tone on her opinion, Ritona chimed in "Again, I find myself agreeing with The Leftennant" she paused, gesturing towards Amata with a nod. "On both points. Firstly, because we are not a military vessel. While a certain state of readiness is expected, Militarising the crew of a diplomatic ship is, in my opinion, hardly worth it. Also, these Holographic crew you suggested Kaybok," she paused, looking over at the Klingon and keeping her tone respectful "From an engineering standpoint, these would be viable on a larger ship with more redundant systems. I believe that while your idea has its merits, it would not work in practice. Holographic technology is infamously fragile. Too much can go wrong with it. I'm not prepared to let a hologram that could go offline at any moment due to damage or system failures take valuable power and resources from other more vital systems. Also, as holographic programs they'd lack the instincts and experience of an actual person."

Turning towards the Bolian Commander whom she hadn't met before, Ritona nodded "Commander, we can replicate anything you need on that front. Food is replicated, as are linens and cutlery. If there's any specific species-related needs we should be able to program the replicators for that as well, just let me know and I'll co-ordinate with ops"

Berdas gave a nod to that. "Unfortunately, while most of the food we eat aboard can reasonably be replicated, we need a stock for those of our guests who have cultural, moral or otherwise prefer to eat food that is not replicated." He paused and took a small breath before continuing. "Whether we like to admit it or not, Starfleet is the military arm of the Federation. We're much, much more than that, true. The fact remains, we are a military organization and drills of the type that Lieutenants Zan and Frialis have suggested will save lives." He looked at Kaybok and spoke. "With regard to your suggestion, Lieutenant, for most of the reasons previously stated it may not end up being feasible. Even were those issues to be resolved, the Federation Council is being inundated with suits seeking rights for holographic beings. It is Tranquility's responsibility, and therefore our responsibility, to show the best possible example of what Starfleet is and can be. That will mean performing drills and additional trainings. It will also mean refraining from enacting measures which are currently under review for rights violations within the Federation Council."

Alekelia listened politely. She smiled when flight was mentioned, that was something she was much more intimately familiar with. She waited and then added, "Yes Fleet is military organized, thus we are as well however I think we can keep in mind that our foremost task is not that of a patrol vessel but one more of diplomatic nature. That being said, not everyone else in the galaxy recognizes diplomatic vessels or for that matter even medical ones. The Olympic class vessels had to be strengthened in both their shields and given weapons even though their mission is one of a hospital ship. I will also agree that not everyone wishes replicated material, in fact, I myself have a bit of dispensation from Fleet in that regard so an excellent idea to have some fresh stores as well. As far as holographic beings, well I would prefer that at most be kept in an extreme emergency category. As indicated there is considerably debate over artificial intelligence whether holographic presented or more along the lines of the Noonian Soong androids."

With holograms in the mix of the conversation, Tyro was touching her chin. She was handling some of the duties of an absent Operations Chief by penning down highlights of the discussion with a padd and stylus. Plus to diplomatic stores. Plus to fresh stored exotic goods. Readiness Drills, asterisk asterisk.

Lenore listened quietly as people shared and debated ideas. She was relieved disagreements and opposing viewpoints were handled professionally. Given the chaotic and less than completely satisfactory end to their previous mission, she expected nerves to be frayed. She agreed with the security chief and others who'd advocated for combat and other drills. Fitzpatrick saw no reason not to enhance the skills people already possessed as trained Starfleet officers, especially after the previous mission. "Keep in mind that just because we prepare to defend ourselves and to respond more efficiently in case of emergencies, that doesn't mean those things have to be reflected in how we present ourselves to the people we encounter. We can still lead with diplomacy and a welcoming attitude. All of these other things are for our benefit and will only become apparent to others if they are needed."

"Alright," said Tyro. "Amata, run some assessments of the departments while the ship's available." It was pretty much empty during the convention, and with everyone exercising their shoreleave tickets. "Everyone here'll take a copy of your report, and you can start drilling the teams in need of the most improvement. Also-" Tyro began to write something down, but placed a strike through it that wiped it from the padd's memory. Then she looked at Ritona.

"-Engineering, I want you to perform full maintenance of the metaphasic shield. I'd like to know it's a hundred percent, and wouldn't mind if you got an expert from the convention up to look at it. Unrelated."

Ritona nodded. "I'll start it as soon as we're done here Captain"

"Doctor? You'll want to talk to CW Slug. She can give you details so you can work on embedding emergency medical on each deck, for each shift. Will that be sufficient?"

"Kaybok... You're fine to put these holograms into practice for your own department. If the drain on the system is too much, or we don't see any benefit for your team, I want them shut down once testing is finished."

"Aye, Commander," Kaybok said. "And thank you. I will propose a plan for one or two holographic assistants and will have it on your desk by tomorrow. Also, I must... apologize for a seemingly insulting tone to the senior staff. I have had many things on my mind during this convention. These drills are indeed necessary and we need to be in a state of readiness." Kaybok smiled. "What if my former shipmates, from the last Klingon ship I served on, found out I was not wanting to ready myself for battle? They would make sure I learned my lesson by a quick fight!" Kaybok laughed.

"Aye, Commander," echoed Amata, breathing with another sigh, "I believe I know were to begin."

Kaybok thought, 'I bet it's with me, you Bajoran!'

"Anything specific you need from me, Captain, or shall I coordinate with the Doctor?" Lenore asked.

"Not currently," responded Tyro. "You might help ensure we're not missing any comforts by the time we leave. After being in deep space for as long as we have, some of us might be sore to leave a world like this behind."

Tyro scrolled the end of her notation on her pad. "That's all," she punctuated happily, and looked up to the staff. "You're dismissed."

:: OFF ::

Tyro Adina
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Amata Zan
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Lenore Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Chief Counselor
Ensign,USS Tranquility

Kaelin Vex
Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

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Lieutenant, USS Tranquility


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