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The Next Challenge

Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2017 @ 6:57pm by Lieutenant JG Korrath

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Betazed

Korrath had travelled to Betazed ahead of the Tranquility. His reassignment from Olympus Base hadn't been sudden, his exit had been planned carefully, to ensure an effective and seamless handover to his replacement. In fact, the handover had been so seamless that they had finished ahead of schedule and rather than hang around Korrath had left. He didn't want to tread on his replacements toes nor did he want the replacement to fill that he couldn't make changes until he had left. He had said his goodbyes, some with more regret than others and Korrath had left.

Olympus had become his home over the time he was there. He had grown accustomed to it. And he believed the planet had grown accustomed to him once the Starfleet contingent had tamed the weather. Korrath missed Olympus, but he was opened minded of the new possibilities and was actually excited to get started. Being an Intelligence Officer on a Diplomatic ship, initially sounded like the most boring jobs of boring jobs, but for one, Korrath was looking forward to reduced workload, but once you had further understood that being the Chief Intelligence Officer on a Diplomatic ship, probably meant that your work load increased during Diplomatic functions for numerous reasons. And so, Korrath was looking forward to. He was also very much going to enjoy being back in space again.

The trip to Betazed had been entirely uneventful, so he he took the time to review the ship specifications and the crew's Starfleet files so he could familiarise himself with every aspect of his new assignment. Currently, as he understood it, the Tranquility was at Betazed at a science convention and so the Starfleet logistics thought that Betazed was good place to for him to get aboard the Tranquility.

Betazed was a beautiful planet and Korrath took the opportunity to get some much needed shoreleave. He spent three days, relaxing and resting, even when the Tranquility arrived, he wasn’t due to report in for several times after that.

When he had grown bored of the ‘R&R’ he packed up his clothes and dressed in his uniform and made his way out of the building he was staying in. He tapped his badge. “=/\=Lieutenant Korrath to Tranquility, one to beam up.”


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