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The Exchange Part II: Kaybok's Pride

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2017 @ 8:38pm by Lieutenant Kaybok & Commander Tyro Adina
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Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Betazed: Ian's guest quarters
Timeline: During the Convention


(Continued from The Exchange, Part I, where Kaybok and Ens. Ian McClellan meet and strike up a fast friendship.)

**Ensign Ian McClellan's guest quarters on Betazed**

Ian came in from a long day with Lt. Fortner, chief cyberneticist on the USS Calvin, and glad to relax. After changing into more comfortable sleeping shorts and tshirt, he goes to the replicator.

"Computer, let me have ... some roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, a wee bit of shortbread and a mug of Guinness; I am so very hungry and parched!"

A steaming platter of Ian's favorite meal materialized. He took a whiff as he took the tray. "MMMM oh, how I'd love to share this with my new friend, Kaybok. Well... I will have to share another time. He is probably enjoying a barbequed targ or something." Ian chuckles.

As he was about to enjoy his food, he notices the incoming message insignia.

"Computer, authorization McClellan-five-five-scotland," Ian said as he enjoyed his meal.

The Star Fleet icon disappeared and the image of Kaybok appeared.

"NUQ NEH ENSIGN IAN MCCLELLAN!!" Kaybok exclaimed and then laughed. "I hope you have had a good day. I have been enjoying these ancient music selections you sent to me, especially your "Rising of the Moon". Many warriors would indeed enjoy this... I believe I will send it to some of my brothers... well, close friends of mine. Talking about close friends, I believe you and I became as such very quickly, and I would like to ... see you again if you would like."

Ian couldn't help but smile.

Kaybok continued. "The conference organizers have worked in conjunction with their tourism board, and... tomorrow is a day to enjoy their beautiful planet, to rest and 'recharge' as humans say. I have heard many stories of their generous hospitality, but did not believe it. If you would enjoy a day of battle with me, let us spar!!"

Ian's face dropped, as he was not interested in... sparring.

"I am just kidding my friend!" Kaybok said and laughed. "If this does not seem too forward, I would like to spend at least a small portion of the day with you. If you have plans, that is understandable, but if you do not and would like to spend some time with me, I would be honored. Remember, we are off duty my friend... I will be waiting for your response. Oh, 'nuq neh' is a typical Klingon salutation... it literally means 'what do you want?!' It is by no means an insult." Kaybok cocked his head and gave a mischievous smile. "Now you want to spar... well... I wouldn't be opposed to it! We Klingons are just that way. Offensive to some and scary to others!! HAHAHAHAH!! Kaybok, out."

Ian's heart skipped a beat and he started thinking. 'I never expected anything like this...hmm...' "Computer, what is my itinerary for tomorrow? Do I have any meetings with Lt. Fortner or any of my other shipmates?"

"Negative," the computer responded. "Captain Tanner of the USS John Calvin made sure everybody's day was free, to enjoy their shore leave during the convention."

Ian thought a moment. "Computer... send a reply to Lt. Kaybok of the USS Tranquility." The computer beeps. "NUQ NEH LT. KAYBOK!! Well I'll tell you what I want, you smart-ass Klingon! Certainly not a day of sparring... I want to take you up on your offer of spending some time together, starting with breakfast. My day is free... one thing I would enjoy showing you is our Highland games. You have your bat'leth tournament, I have my Highland Games! We Scots enjoy a bit of fun just as you and your Klingon warriors do! Well... forgive the excitement, my stout Klingon friend, but it is highly unusual for me to make friends so fast. Aye, I don't mean to be a bawlin' little young one, but it usually takes a while. I certainly just do not connect like I did with you." Ian takes a deep breath. "I will meet you at the Convention Eatery at 0900 hours... I believe we both will need our sleep. Ian... OUT.


Kaybok entered the eatery, excited about seeing Ian. He looked around and sees a ginger-haired young man raise his hand. Kaybok does the same and goes over to the table.

"I hope you don't mind, but I went ahead and ordered something for you. Since you have been around humans, I thought just a generic breakfast would be just fine," Ian said, nervous about the culinary choices he made.

"Do not worry my friend," Kaybok said as he sat down. "I enjoy most everything."

Ens. Ian McClellan, assistant cyberneticist on the USS Calvin, listened to The Song of Victory, sent from his new Klingon friend, Lt. Kaybok.

As they were eating, an ambassador approached their table; Ian and Kaybok stand out of respect.

*The ambassador laughs.* "Do not worry, Ensign, we are on our own time. At ease." Kaybok and Ian relax.

"Um, Sir, this is Lt. Kaybok from the Tranquility. He's the Chief Science Officer there. Kaybok, this is Lt. Cmdr. Lee Buckner. He is the Chief Astrometrics Officer on the USS Einstein." They shake hands.

"Actually, I am an Alien Ambassador now, Ian. I suppose news doesn't travel well in space," Lee said. "Well... isn't this an honor... I am so glad to meet you, Lieutentant," Lee said. Kaybok wasn't exactly sure what he meant but he ignored the feeling. When we are not on duty, call me Lee. And if it is permissable, may I call you Kaybok?"

"Of course, Sir... I mean Lee," Kaybok said.

"Um, the reason I came over, Ian, was that... I was hoping you and I could have dinner this evening? It has been a while since we saw each other last and I was hoping...

"That you and I could serve together again?" Ian said. "You know the reason I transferred to the Calvin; you and I ... kept butting heads and we couldn't get along. It is regrettable we are so hard headed..."

Kaybok noticed how Lee was looking at Ian, and how Ian's eyes were starting to well up.

"Yes... it was regrettable, and I regret that you just left. All the captain knew was that you wanted to transfer!" Lee said as he banged his fist on the table.

"Er... Lee... Sir...I would suggest you keep your voice down. I realize you may have feelings my friend here," Kaybok said. He was familiar with the same feelings.

"Kaybok... I suggest you keep out of this. This is NOT your business," Lee said as he gritted his teeth.

"But Lee... we...could not... oh, forgive us Kaybok, but we were more than friends. It was quite complicated," Ian said.

"Coward! How dare you mention that part of our friendship!” Lee said.

"Did you just say... coward to the Ensign, Ambassador? He is more honorable that one who wants to show his anger! You would do well not to insult him, here or anywhere," Kaybok said. He balled his fists up under the table.

"Kaybok, Lee... is correct, this is not really the time or the place,” Ian said as he tried to calm down a potential volatile situation.

"Yes I did... Klingon and so you know... if you cross me, I promise you, you will go back to first year of the academy so fast, it'll make your forehead smooth!! Lee said.

"Apologize to Ian... NOW," Kaybok said as he gritted his teeth.

"Make me," Lee said with a smirk.

"Very well... I do not make empty promises!!" Kaybok said. He rose up out of his chair and grabbed Ian by the collar. "YOU are the coward, PETAQ!!" Kaybok's balled fist was reared back and...

"KAYBOK NO!!" Ian exclaimed.

Kaybok punched him in the mouth.

"You will live to regret this... KLINGON. I'll have you busted down to civilian!! Your commander will know about this..." Lee rubbed his jaw to make sure nothing was broken.

"Let us leave this place, Ian," Kaybok said. "I do not have the stomach to stay here."

"You go, Kaybok. I... need to sort things out," Ian said with tears in his eyes. "I will do what I can for you... just go."

Kaybok lowered his head. "I am sorry... I was the dishonorable one. And Ambassador... I am sorry for being the petaq."

As Kaybok left, he overheard Lee cursing him and laughing. For Kaybok, he felt he was the one that was punched and went to his quarters. The rest of the day, he stayed in his room and missed the workshops he was ordered to go to.

**The next morning, Kaybok's guest quarters**

Kaybok started packing to go back to Tranquility when he received a communique from Commander Adina.

"Lieutenant?!" Commander Adina said. The typically calm, measured voice came through harsh and impatient. It was the same way Tyro sounded around Araceli, faced with a no-win scenario. As her image appeared on the small personal screen, her eyes were laser focused as if she were a predatory bird diving toward her first meal in days.

"Have you ever hit a human in the face before?" asked Tyro sternly. She didn't wait for an answer.

"I hope you enjoyed it. I met Ambassador Buckner -he's a giant orifice, but the Sheliak adore him. Did you know he was negotiating with them yesterday?" Tyro put a hand on her cheek and looked over the side, then back into the screen.

"...I don't care why you punched him. It doesn't matter if he deserved it. I would protect you if that were the only problem. Kaybok, yesterday the Sheliak pulled out of a trade deal with the Federation. They stated that their chosen representative was assaulted by a Starfleet officer. It left a mark on his face. Lee claims he did everything he could to convince them not to withdraw, and he also claims that that officer... was you."

Tyro had woken up to deal with this latest political crisis. Her superiors were divided and now they needed mediating from Tyro as well. The civilians in the Tranquility Council wanted Kaybok court martialed, and Tyro's Starfleet superiors blamed the man he'd hit. At the end of the line, it was Kaybok's Commanding Officer who needed to decide what should be done with him.

"Explain then! And there's one thing I need to know," Tyro paused. She knew Kaybok as a man of honour. She knew him as a passionate scientist, but he was klingon above whatever else.

"Are you willing to apologise?"

Kaybok’s jaw muscles tensed as he looked back at his commanding officer.

“Sir…,” Kaybok growled. “…you were not there… and it DOES matter. The ambassador was enraged at the ensign about their secret relationship, and I felt Ian… er, Ensign McClellan was being mistreated. I let my feelings get in the way of being the Star Fleet officer I have worked hard to be.”

Kaybok paused to let the commander know he had calmed down.

“I regret letting my emotions override my training. That petaq-, er the ambassador was goading me to make me angry; I have run into his kind before, Sir. He enjoys making himself look good, even worse than any Ferrangi. It does not matter if he got in my face or not. I am a Star Fleet officer first, and a Klingon second. You asked me if I was willing to apologize. I DID apologize to him and the ensign. However…,” Kaybok said as he gritted his teeth. “I will apologize to him and any other of those officials I need to. I acted dishonorably, not to mention a trade agreement was nullified because of me. I accept any and all punishment, Sir, including being stripped of being an officer and resigning my commission.”

The commander stared back, then looked upward. It was a moment to collect her thoughts before replying. "Very well, lieutenant," she said softly at last. Her expression seemed passive and unemotional, in contrast to her words to him.

"I won't have it that this man brings you dishonour. What is fair to you does not serve the mission of this ship, however. It's worth it to me to fight for your place in Starfleet, as an officer I have relied on, and a warrior who listens to his convictions. But I am responsible for your decisions if I do, so Kaybok..."

Tyro tapped her desk audibly. "...You will not make me regret it."

Kaybok sat at attention before he responded.

"No Sir, Commander, you will not regret it," Kaybok said. "If certain steps are necessary in order to reestablish trade relations such as my demotion, then they are necessary. And Commander...I am in your debt. I salute you."

Kaybok saluted Commander Adina to let her know he would do what he could to fix the mess he created.


Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Tyro Adina
Commanding Officer
Commander, USS Tranquility

End Part II: Kaybok's Pride


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