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Posted on Fri Apr 14th, 2017 @ 12:00pm by Lieutenant Amata Zan & Lieutenant Kaybok

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Tranquility Turbolift
Timeline: After the meeting

Kaybok was ready to leave the meeting; he was ready to enjoy a Klingon calisthenics program on the holodeck. Though he wanted to include representatives of some of his crewmates to spar with, he thought that would not be wise.

"I know where I would like to begin," Kaybok said under his breath.

Dismissed, Tranquility's senior staff began to bleed out of the briefing room, each with their own duties to attend to and department teams to get on task. Amata trailed slightly behind the others in leaving, ensuring that everyone had gotten a copy of his report and professionally introducing himself to the new arrivals. He could do professionally, though today he looked put off, with a sour look on his face. Because it looked so much like his typical expression, it was hard to noticed. Eager, like he had somewhere to be, like he had work to do. Either by fortune or deliberation, the last in this line of interdepartmental courtesy/peer pressure was the ship's science officer, "Lieutenant."

Tapping away on his padd, Amata confirmed the full report and proposal had been sent to the Klingon's departmental management files, before bring up the documents index and scrolling through it, deciding his attention unevenly, "Please bring me any issue with the scheduling before gamma shift starts." He tapped a note into his copy, "This shouldn't keep you from your project long, though I will need a list of bridge qualified officers." Finding what he was looking for, the Bajoran looked up at Kaybok, "Luckily your small arms certification is well in order," he put the padd away, "And I'm not very worried your combat skills."

With a nod, he turned his back to Kaybok exited the room, starting down the corridor to the nearest turbo lift.

Kaybok looked back at Amata with a deadpan expression. "Lieutenant," Kaybok said. Yes... yes my small arms certification is more than in order. and my combat skills? Well...," Kaybok said and chuckled. "Let's just put those things to the test. Most anytime when we are both off-duty, I will be glad to show you my skills, Lieutenant. But be warned my Bajoran friend... never underestimate a Klingon, even one who is a bit on the passive side. And just so you know, I will beat you when the time comes...

"No doubt," Amata answered, with a deadpan tone, looking ahead. The corridor curved ahead of them, at least in the saucer section, something that felt natural after a few years in the fleet, "But that should wait till after our assessment of the Science departments state of readiness." They reached a rather noticeable bend, "Evacuation drill times will be kept to the senior staff and personal administrating, "Fleet's set minimum time for a Majestic-Class at four minute thirty, I want to do it in three-thirty."

"State of readiness... hmm...," Kaybok said. He was not indeed happy with that statement, but he knew Amata was right. "Four minute... I mean three-thirty. Well we're not engineering, so we don't have to worry about a warp core breach." Even though Kaybok knew how right Amata was, it felt like he was grinding sandpaper into Kaybok's ridges. "You know, you are right. You are absolutely right. Evacuation times are down to the second and we wouldn't want to lose a crewman over a second's time!" Kaybok thought for a moment about his department. Some... most were out of shape, including himself. Kaybok looked at Amata as if to size up the Bajoran and smiled. "I wonder what your and your officers' record is? It would be interesting to find out!"

This managed to get a raised eyebrow out of Amata, as well as his attention. He stopped and returned it, studying the Klingon with a quick once over. The goldshirt smirked, slightly and subtly, and probably involuntarily, but he smirked, "All departmental assessments will be fully available to senior staff and appropriate personnel."

As his mouthed closed, the Bajoran lieutenant continued on like the exchange hadn't occurred, or had at least not caused the two of them to stop in the middle of the corridor. The turbolift doors were now just in sight, at the end of their current stretch.

The turbolift doors opened and they entered; Kaybok started to get steamed.

"Do you think... Leiutenant... we are small pawns on your chess board to be moved about like targs on leashes? Forgive me for speaking my mind... there is obvious tension between us... you, who seems to be arrogant, and me, a Klingon."

Kaybok balled up his fist, but out of the sight of Amata.

"I believe we both need to do something about this... tension, don't you think?"

Facing out the open doors, Amata turned his head to stare at the Klingon, his nose and brow stern bunching around grey eyes. After the briefest silence, he spoke, explaining as firmly as fact.


The Bajoran looked back ahead as the turbolift doors slid shut, "Deck 6." Amata's jaw then clenched as stood standing tall and holding his loosely arms behind his back, shoulders back and chest out.

They began the decent through the ship.

Kaybok couldn't help but laugh. "So, you are trying to make a display of yourself." Kaybok looked at Amata in the back then peered around to the front. "As far as I understand your... pose? You are either in the presence of a commanding officer... or you are trying to make a show like Bardakian pronghorn moose, mostly noted for its very loud and annoying vocalizations! Are you that moose? Let me see..." Kaybok stands to the side of Amata, imitates his stance, and proceeds to be annoying by pretending to sound like the moose he mentioned.

Amata gripped his right hand harder as it made a tight fist, it's knuckles making an audible crack, the material of his gloves almost straining. Otherwise, he did his best to stay lose and relaxed, almost succeeding. Intent formed in the Bajoran's eye as he turned his head to address the moose calling Klingon.

"Phek, how did you know Aktuh and Maylota was my favourite Klingon opera."

Kaybok was taken aback and relaxed from the stance he was imitating. "Well to be honest, I had no idea...Lt. Xan; I was... mocking you, and I have to say I apologize now. So you enjoy Klingon opera... I'm sorry, but I just don't believe it... alright, I will call your bluff. Sometime when we are both off-duty, we shall go to a performance on the holodeck and I will see for myself how much you enjoy our opera."

"If I may, Lieutenant, you have to admit both of us have much to discuss, personally and professionally. I do not know you as the Bajoran you are, but you have intrigued me. You are as a Klingon going into battle...and we seem to be at battle! The only way I can work things out is the calisthenics program on the holodeck, but in this instance, a sparring match is needed. I will be honest with you... Xan... I want to punch you right here, right now! It would be good... for the moment!! But I will not. I believe I would have more victory defeating you in an honorable way! For you know... I shall."

Still strained, the Bajoran's expression changed, as he gave the Klingon a queried look and spoke in a way he thought was clear, "Then I will be honest with you, Kaybok, son of Toroth; do not address me as Zan." He was silent for the long moment before the lift stopped and the doors slid open. Amata began down the corridor.

Kaybok smiled. "Then I will not call you Xan... Amata," Kaybok said. He laughed, knowing he would be angry as well. "I believe we are one in the same, though it makes my skin crawl...we are both warriors and we want to be our own person. We are both department heads. Let us spar... I know both of us want to fight right here, right now!" Kaybok smiled. "I am sorry, Lieutenant... as Klingon, my species is used to engaging one we arguing with into a fight!! That way, wars between Houses would be ... as humans say... nipped in the bud."

Amata stopped and looked back to the scientist, "You made animal noises for half the lift ride, we have not been arguing since before then." He looked ahead and continued down the corridor, "I feel no need to validate your honour." Though Kaybok could truly perceive the Bajoran's anger, he could not see it.

chirp the ship computer, as the turbo stuck in place and unable to answer other summons as Kaybok stood in it.

Kaybok crossed his arms and looked around for a moment. "Deck 6," Kaybok said. The turbolift continued and then reached its destination. The doors open and the two exited.

"Hmm," Kaybok said. "Validate my honor? Lieutenant... I have no need for you to do that. It seems as though we have anger to flush out... doesn't it? It is apparent you seem... annoyed," Kaybok said. I believe the most honourable thing to do is to spar with each other, or I spar with your unit."

Kaybok looked down for a moment.

"I...have not been myself lately and I have been taking it out on the staff. I do disagree with some things you want the departments to do, but it is no reason to take it out on you or anyone else. For me being a Klingon, it is extremely difficult to admit. I am ashamed of my behavior."

Kaybok looked up and smiled. "Now then, Sir, what about that sparring I suggested?

Amata sighed, something about Kaybok's smile didn't reassure him. Hand covering his face as he reluctantly considered something, finally relenting. He sighed again, "Just words, but they are hard ones to say. Several of the others who train in martial systems have mentioned interest in Klingon styles. Deputy Tamara organizes open training times, the next one is at 1930 hours, main level arboretum, portside. Many there enjoy sparring."

Standing silent for a moment, the Bajoran gave Kaybok a half-hearted nod before turning away and continuing down the corridor away from the lift.

Kaybok was satisfied. "Then I shall meet with your deputy for the training...," Kaybok said. "...even though I'm not sure how a non-Klingon could train a Klingon, but we shall see." Kaybok chuckled. "I apologize for my behavior. Like I said, I am ashamed; there have been many things on my mind lately... and it shall be discussed at a later time."

Amata nodded, not really sure why, turning around before the door closed.


Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Amata Zan
Chief of Security
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility


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