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Posted on Tue Apr 11th, 2017 @ 9:18am by Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha
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Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Tranquility, Arbouretum
Timeline: Convention

:: ON ::

Slug was the ship's boatswain. She was a reliable and knowledgeable figure aboard Tranquility, and among the operations staff she was often turned to for answers before officers who outranked her. Operations might have had a great variety of work to do aboard even a small ship like Tranquility, but it was clearly defined. Slug always knew exactly what her orders were, and usually what the rest of her department needed to do as well. The problem was, she did not like change.

A lot of things became less-than the cutting-edge in one year, but the ship had an image it was obsessed with. Piles of earth replaced the growing beds in the ship's arboretum, and half the ground was dug up into meter-deep pits. Slug sat on the bench in the corridor, arms crossed, next to bagged trees leaned up against the paneling. She was watching crewmembers working in the pits, unearthing roots. It all needed to be replaced, or at least, someone wanted it all replaced.

After the meeting Alekelia needed to talk about the idea of the EMT transmitters. The idea of putting multiple of the entity was going to take a bit. She remembered that she needed to talk to some one named slug or some such.

"Computer please locate 'Slug'"

[The boatswain is currently located in the Abouretum]

Alekelia was surprised the small ship had one and she could only hope at least a pond was there. She hurried along following the map on the PaDD but when she arrived she was highly disappointed to see the place was...well the place was frankly a mess.

"It needs a pond," she remarked to the person that seemed to be supervising.

A not of disagreement sounded though the material of Slug's coffee cup. She must have thought Alekelia was someone in operations, since the svelte woman did not immediately regard her. She lowered the mug into the palm of her other hand, sitting without a single corner of her unwringled uniform touching the back-rest of the bench.

"It's very amusing but the fish were expected WITHIN the hour, and since they are not arrived-" A moment after reading Alekelia's uniform, the coffee cup took the woman's place on the bench and she was standing at attention. The movement was so soundless that only someone with a lifetime of dedication could have managed it.

"I'm so sorry," breathed Slug, her voice softer and more reserved than before. "My lady... that is, Sir! My apologies. A pond, quite insightful, indeed. They want to use fish to feed the plants." A very tiny bit of Slug's disapproval leaked through the air of deference.

Al made a small curtsy in return. "Please Alekelia. I have grown up with formality all my life. I prefer not to have to deal with it when I can avoid it." Alekelia turned and waved a hand and then took a few long strides before taking to the air. She hovered and and turned. "A pond for water dancing," she said and went through some motions, arms and legs moving in a sort ballet styled movements all the while she balanced using the wings to keep her in the air. She did that for a moment before settling and made shrug. "Call it a personal conceit."

For Slug meanwhile, there was no getting used to an absence of formality. Of course for her, she grew up on the other end entirely. She watched the alien doctor flourish through the air, wrapped in awe. When the woman came to a standstill, Slug imagined her only option was to clap.

Patting the palm of her hand she offered a timid smile. "Lovely, just wonderful Mi- Madam..." She set her hands to the side again, still standing like a tree. "I fear it is not within my power to choose, madam. The Tranquilit Council is deciding to use this space for a sort of, exhibit. The designs have already been chosen. It's quite out of my hands. As well, I... do not feel comfortable addressing you with such familiarity." She bowed shyly as punctuation.

Alekelia hovered for a moment more, saddened by the thought that not even a tiny pond might be in the offering to water dance. She landed and nodded, "Ah well, it was a thought. I guess I shall have to wait when there is another time. So you mentioned fish, how is that going to fit in?"

"There was a contamination with the trees we had aboard, and only a small selection are remaining on the ship. The tallest and healthiest. Meanwhile the regime behind all of this," she gestured to the dirt piles and work being undertaken. "-intends the new arboretum should be all edibles. A permaculture, I believe is how they sold it. Our garden is rather a crop-field. Anyway, the fish are part of the installation. They... feed the flowers." Slug did not seem particularly happy to imagine the details.

"Poor fish, nothing much then for them to swim about than small channels if there is no place large enough," Alekelia sighed. "Ah well, actually I came to talk about installing new transmitters so the EMT could function over the entire ship."

"New transmitters?" repeated Slug. She was not precisely sure what the woman had meant. In fact, she wasn't sure either of them had properly introduced themselves, which she immediately corrected with a bow.

"I am Senior Warrant Officer Slug, boatswain on the ship. If it's to with crew assignments I would be honoured to assist. I'm not sure I understand, however... would you please explain for me?"

Alekelia sighed. She thought she had gotten that correct from the meeting. "Alekelia, of the House A'olha, and currently lieutenant assigned as chief medical officer." She hoped that sounded sufficiently formal for the woman. "Ah well, then, you would be the person to assign the personal then. At the command meeting, it was determined to have holo-emiters installed on the decks so that the EMT could function outside of the sickbay. I was told at the meeting that the go to person for this would be someone named slug. I just asked the computer for your location."

"Slug is my name," she nodded. "Ah, yes. I must have misunderstood, but I can help you. I can coordinate with engineering in that case, to have emergency emitters placed in certain safe locations on each deck."

"On second thought, I have never trusted entirely in that in an emergency the ship's systems would be able to sustain a holographic doctor. I think instead Officer Slug, that extra training for some personnel would be better, sort of EMT style training. Perhaps you could see to volunteers for me?"

Slug nodded. "That seems like a wise precaution," she agreed. "Shall I schedule training in the sickbay and report back to you?"

"That would be perfect," Alekelia replied. She turned and imagined a small pond but it was not to be. Water dance in the holodeck would the next thing though it was not quite the same.

:: OFF ::

Alekelia Illm A'olha
Chief Medical Officer
Lt. Commander, USS Tranquility

Staff Warrant Officer, USS Tranquility


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