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Sharr's Gold

Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 12:36pm by Commander Tyro Adina & Commander Berdas & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Betazed Convention Hall
Timeline: Convention

:: ON ::

"There will be a moment of silence in one half-hour," said a gentleman in Tranquility uniform. He excused himself, and moved onto the next clump of people. Tyro could follow him from the main stage, where she stood with a small clique of captains and other ranking officers, but moving her eyes over convention floor there were many more members of her crew performing the same task. Officers from other ships joined them as well, spreading the word through the massive boiling over of people in attendance of the convention.

Rumors came to the Betazed conference unfiltered. At any event like this one, ships arriving and leaving every day, with hundreds parked in the system, the effort it took to parse what was real and what was just a story become difficult. Most ranking officers didn't bother with current events through the white-noise of convention business, not unless it explicitly effected their job like it did for those in the Diplomatic. Most of the news that effected Tranquility and her captain was sad or borderline on any day; earthquake on Bajor, market fluctuations in the Ferengi Alliance, border skirmishes between the Empire and the Empire, where had the Admiral hidden his gold?

Oh, wait. That was funny. It caught Tyro for a moment to remember her old Commanding Officer. She had more of a soft-spot than most for the infamous Admiral Sharr. Another scandal, she assumed. Between his drinking and general disdain for humanity, Admiral Myrkul Sharr was always on somebody's list. Tyro never found the news distressing. In fact, it was a comfort to be reminded now and then that some things in the Federation stayed predictable. She'd always been proven right to assume he'd wriggle out of any situation the Elysium dove itself into somehow. Not this time.

Tyro uncovered the real news after. The tabloid found her first, but many others she reached out to for details already knew the essential story. Myrkul Astus Sharr had died. Or been lost. Or something. The reality of it was unwavering however. The man was not coming back. The indomitable Admiral Sharr, Obsidian Fleet's own, was gone.

Part of Tyro did not believe it was forever. She'd never known the length of his story. The depth of classified information on his personnel file was more game-breaking than her own. Yet, she found it difficult to imagine the fleet without the man. For Tyro it was personal, but the news of his death didn't hit her with any force. It felt surreal, like a part of the mission she had simply yet to solve. Her ascension through the ranks of the Fleet had largely relied on the Admiral's influence.

After her accident and the year of uncertainty that followed while Tyro recovered, Elysium had been her first posting. Like Tranquility, it had been a diplomatic ship, yet it was also one of the most heavily armed and powerful warships in Starfleet. No less for an Admiral's flagship, it appeared. Tyro came aboard tentatively, with her discharge the most preeminent feature on her file. Within a month, she assumed authority over the Science Department after her predecessor was killed. Tyro had been decisive in the battle, not for the first time. Sharr had been a mentor in no small measure, due some to Tyro's insistence. Eventually, he elevated her to the position of his Executive Officer, and accelerated the course of her career climb until she left Elysium for Tranquility. The time she served as XO on an Admiral's Flagship absolutely coloured the style and attitude of her own command, both the brilliance of Sharr's leadership, and his failures. Tyro could be no more grateful to him for all of it.

"May I have your attention," she said from the stage. The other captains and officers flanked her, many in different styles of uniforms. She looked across the crowd to the very far side of the convention hall. It was enormous inside, and still she could hear people speaking. She gestured vaguely with her arm in the direction of the pillars across the sea of convention-goers, trying to usher the crew-members she'd had among the crowd make their way back. She saw some of the officer from other ships also take up the order. She continued, her voice crackling like fire over the audio generated evenly from every direction.

"In a few moments, I wish to ask all Starfleet personnel here in attendance to observe a moment of silence. We have all had friends go in the past. Sacrifice is a way of life for us. Yeah? This past month, we lost a figure who was larger-than-life, beyond the Obsidian Fleet where he served. At this time, Admiral Myrkul Sharr is confirmed killed in the line of duty."

Tyro paused. The news could not have traveled to everyone, so she stepped back for a moment to let it settle. She shared a quiet word with one of the other officers on the stage, then returned to the amplifier.

"Whatever your views, please have respect. Show us your support, as we honour the sacrifice of another who dedicated their life in service to the Federation. Please join me now in observing a minute of silence."

Alekelia made a deep formal curtsy. It was the sign of respect in her culture and then she said barely a whisper, "Haku ala Hakuina ena A'oe ea po'lealu, Houniana eta hap elalu pillia'tu din'atu L'ani. Mai Po'lealu" It was a bit of prayer that was said in her culture.

Berdas hadn't liked the admiral. It wasn't that he wasn't an effective officer or a bad person. It was a personality conflict, pure and simple. They hadn't interacted in anything other than a professional capacity at some distance, and to be frank, Berdas was just fine with that. Nevertheless, he respected the sacrifice and service Sharr had given. He didn't say anything, but stood silently, with respect.

"Thank you everyone," said Tyro, once the moment was done. Murmuring returned to the room, some in confusion or excitement, and others in the lingering gravity of an unexpected memorial. For Tyro, nothing had pivoted in the universe, but she somehow felt it should feel as if it did. Yet for all her memories and experiences with the man, she was still hopeful. She still had pride in her fleet and in the tradition it represented, as well as the progress that remained to be made.

:: OFF ::

Tyro Adina
Commanding Officer
Commander, USS Tranquility

Alekelia illm A'olha
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant, Doctor, USS Tranquility

Executive Officer
Commander, USS Tranquility


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