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Down time

Posted on Sat May 6th, 2017 @ 5:56am by Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Commander Tyro Adina

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: After staff meeting

Ritona smiled. This was the first time that she had been able to persue her hobby since she had left the academy. Sat behind a stone wall in a brush land field. The sun was warm and bright overhead.

The dust settled from her last test, the echo had just disapated.

She brushed the sweat from her brow with her gloved hand and looked at her PaDD again as the computer updated it with information from the test

'The mix is nearly right' She thought to herself, removing the ear defenders from her head.

She lifted a canteen from her belt and unscrewed the lid, The holodeck had done an amazing job of recreating her home planet, the heat, the dust, the squawks from the birds. But she wasn't here for that.

She wore grey-urban camoflage coloured combat pants, a black belt, walking boots and a simple white sleeveless vest. Her dark purple hair was up in a pony tail to keep her cool. And she wore black rimmed goggles to protect her eyes.


There was a bleep

"Display information on last test, and compare it to previous. Any improvement in the reduction of outward shock?"

"Confirmed. Reduction of outward shock of point 35 percent."

She smiled to herself. 'Good,'

"Set another charge and wire it to the controller as before, this time reduce the amonia content by another 0.02 percent."

"Confirmed. Charge set."

The archway appeared above the blast-area. Commander Adina stepped out, looking curiously at her new surroundings. What was it that Ritona was here for? It looked to Tyro like a relaxation program, though an oddly plain spot for someone to appreciate nature. A pair of protective goggles appeared for her too, which she picked up and inspected for a moment.

"Lieutenant Frialis?" she called, not bothering with the goggles. "What sort of program is this?" chuckled the commander. Taking a lucky step, Tyro walked right over a wire.

Being lost in the mathematical equation in her head, Ritona flinched at the sound of Tyro's voice and dropped the PaDD. She closed her eyes tightly and covered her ears for a few seconds.

She opened one eye and looked down at the PaDD. Then stood up and brushed the dust off of herself.

"It's a scientific experimentation and simulation program that I wrote at the academy. It lets me follow an old hobby without being a danger to the ship and crew." she smiled, leaning down and picking up the PaDD.

"Was this your holodeck time?" she added nervously "I can leave if you need me to"

Tyro stopped wandering not far from the detonation site. The safeties were on, right? She put her hand over her mouth and looked behind her innocently. "Me?" she said in sarcastic disbelief. "No, I'm just wandering. Is it alright for you if I sit in for the couple moments I have? You know, I don't mean to intrude, but the holodeck is meant to keep your spirits up in deep space. I was a little surprised the computer placed you here, and not on the planet."

"You're more than welcome" Ritona replied with an awkward smile.

"I don't think this would be allowed planet side," she added, chuckling slightly. "and being on-ship means its easier for engineering to get hold of me if I'm needed,"

Ritona turned the PaDD and held it out as if offering it to Tyro "Would you like to set this one off?" she asked.

"For sure," said Tyro without really knowing what she was triggering. She slipped on the shades and made her way over, climbing a barricade before getting in the shelter with Ritona. She took the padd and inspected it. "Here?" she asked. "Have you had a chance to look at the Metaphasic Shield?" she also slipped in.

Tyro didn't give Ritona any time to immediately answer, and hit the button on whatever exciting thing they weren't allowed to do on Betazed.

There was a loud, flat explosion. The wall shook as the shockwave hit it and dust rained down on the two officers.

"Boom!" Ritona shouted excitedly with a clap of her hands. Grinning and moving into a kneeling position, she peered over the top of the makeshift barricade. She watched the dust cloud blow away from them carried by the wind.

Tyro was startled, watching the breath of fire and ash. It was beautiful in a way, the momentary blossom of black chemical smoke and the impact of ignition. Admittedly however, she found her officer's reaction totally perplexing. She watched her rather than the after-glow of the bomb.

"Okay," she nodded. "What else can we blow up? Should I be worried about the ship?" half-joked the commander.

Sitting back down behind the wall, Ritona shook her head. "No, it's all holographic. I'm working on a chemical explosive mix that will reduce outward shock. It's so mining that requires blasting can be safer for it's workers less outward shockwaves mean less cave-ins. Antimatter explosives are far too unstable, this stuff, you could fire a phaser at and it wouldn't explode." she said with animated hand movements. "and we can blow up anything you'd like to" she added with another grin.

"Ah," said Tyro with a little bit of surprise. She hadn't expected any of this to be practical, to her discredit. It struck her that she should always keep an open mind. Whatever a ranking member of the staff of her ship might be doing, it probably followed their ambitions.

She thought about mining operations, not to be out-crazied, to common sights on asteroid bases. "What have you found about it so far?" she asked. "What's left to bang out?"

Ritona giggled at the pun, "haven't heard that one in a long time" she said truthfully. "I've found out that there is a direct correlation between not just the shape of the charge, but the amount of ammonia nitrate in mixture and the outward shock wave. What i'm trying to do is reduce the amount of outward force while keeping the same strength at the focal point of the explosion. That way the explosive still does it's intended job, without the need to completely evacuate a tunnel section."

the PaDD Bleeped.

Looking down to it, she turned it towards Tyro, a graph with different coloured lines and numbers appeared.

"you see?, the outward shockwave has reduced another point 2 percent. If I can get another three, it would mean that we wouldn't even need this wall" she said, knocking on the stone wall they were sat behind.

Tyro put her hand on the wall. Better to have it and not need it... "I'm surprised the holodeck can give you accurate results without wrecking itself," admitted Tyro. She walked around to the other side of the wall, curious to look at the damage that the explosive had caused if it weren't there. "The synthesizers in the science labs wouldn't carry the same restrictions on hazardous compounds, like ammonia, and you could tailor tighter molecular weaves to control the reaction."

Ritona blinked. "I hadn't thought of that" she said "Though it seems LT Kaybok may be a little defensive about me using his equipment for a hobby"

Tyro rubbed her neck, making an indefinite grumble under her breath. "He won't mind," she assured. "If it's important work to you, neither do I. About the shield?"

"Yes, The shield," Ritona nodded her tone shifting from playful to professional, "There is currently a level one diagnostic being ran on the systems along with visual inspection of the hardware itself, a report from the team should be ready for the start of my next shift, from there I will be able to report on the state of the shielding and identify any maintenance issues that could arise."

The metaphasing shield should be operating as it needed to, but the ship hadn't needed to dedicate much stress to the system yet. "If you find any, make them priority. If the rest of the ship still needs patching by the time we're at warp, I want it to be because the shield is at 250% percent."

"Of Course" Ritona smiled, "I'll get that report to you as soon as it's ready"



Tyro Adina
Commanding Officer
Commander, USS Tranquility

Ritona Frialis
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility


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