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Posted on Sat May 6th, 2017 @ 6:45am by Lieutenant Ritona Frialis

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Main engineering
Timeline: Before press conference

Entering engineering, Ritona nodded to a few of her staff who were running their stations, walked to the table and picked up a PADD, evidently left there by whoever ran the nightshift.

She read the report. The Metaphasic shield generator was running. everything looked fine. This was a good basepoint to start running stress simulations.

"Robbins" she said to a petty officer working at a station. the tall dark haired man turned and nodded.


"We need to start running stress tests on the Metaphasic shield Generator system. Start with simulations, push the simulation as far as it will go before the units would stop functioning, use whoever you need. Make this a top priority."

"Yes sir, are we going sunbathing?" he asked quietly, keeping the concern in his voice mostly hidden.

"I don't know yet. But the Commander wanted us to make sure this system was functioning the best it could. and I'd rather know how far we can push it before we have to" she replied, remembering how anxious the commander seemed about the shielding.

"understood. I'll get started right away." he nodded, turned around, grabbed four people and headed to the shielding control console.

Ritona turned to another crewman.

"I'd like you to get started on replacing Lieutenant Vex's replicator. It's serving nothing but klingon food. And according to the logs, previous attempts at simply fixing the issue haven't worked. Replace the entire unit."

The crewman nodded, picked up her tools and headed to the turbolift.

with the simulations being ran, and the ship's systems not exploding around her, Ritona turned her attention to another issue.

Pressing her combadge, she sighed to herself before speaking.

"Leftenant Frialis to Ensign Kaza... kazza.." she paused. 'Damnit' "Ensign Kazaakplethkilik." she finally pronounced it, all be it slowly. "Report to my office in main engineering."



Ritona Frialis
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility


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