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Posted on Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 11:13am by Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Commander Tyro Adina & Ensign Kazaaakplethkilik

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: Main engineering, CEO's Office

:: ON ::

Ritona sat behind her desk, idly looking over a pad with a description of the incident that happened in Vex' quarters.

There was a lot to try to understand here, and how to proceed with any disciplinary action would be based on Klicky's explanation of events and then how Kaelin would want to proceed.

She awaited the arrival of the Ensign, still in confusion as to what had happened.

Kazaaakplethkilik, on paper, should be a star on any Chief's engineering staff. Her understanding and education in bio-tech was beyond any graduate of the academy this century. Her level of expertise could mean alchemy, if not for the advanced technology of the Federation. If ever the standard replicators stopped working, Klicky could make garbage into torpedoes and compost the excess food supply into spare bulkheads.

On her way to Ritona's office, Klicky walked up the corridor wall to avoid an oncoming pair of crewmen, then almost knocked them over anyway on her dismount. She thought twice about barging into a superior's office again however, and carefully knocked her forelimb on the door.

She thought anxiously about whether she was in the right place or not, and turned around to begin waving her antennae toward the plant opposite Ritona's door before it opened.

"Come in" Ritona said. The door opened and Ritona stood up. after a few seconds of nothing, she walked around to the door and saw klicky intently studying the potted Yucca plant.

"Ensign?" she asked curiously. "Can you come in please?"

Turning, even as perhaps the most alien kind of creature a human could imagine, a distinct show of embarrassment crossed the ensign's body. Kazaaakplethkilik entered through the threshold to Ritona's office, and then bowed low to the ground. It was a show of submission for the huge alien, who was larger than any of Ritona's staff, lowering herself uncomfortably close to the ground just so she was sure to show respect.

"Yes ma'am," said Klicky. She found her way into the office, and pressed her abdomen to the floor in an imitation of sitting. The creature did her best to appear submissive and respectful, bending slightly on her limbs. "This one must apologize," she explained, trying to be proactive. "It is deeply too much to expect one so exulted as a Lieutenant feel responsible for the foolish mistakes of this one, in her ignorance and simplicity."

Ritona sat back behind her desk and tried to make sense of what the ensign was saying. She shook her head in confusion and interrupted Klicky.

"Ensign, calm down. I have called you here to ascertain the facts from your side of the story." she said, her tone calming.

She looked over the insectoid's posture and a look of concern flashed over her features.

"Also, I've seen members of your species before. I know 'sitting' like that must make you uncomfortable, so please relax. All I need to know from you at this time is why you where in the Leftenant's quarters and what happened when she entered?"

The ensign paused, and considered. Any member of her own species would pour on every consideration to appear humble and patient, and she thought of herself the same way. She refused to show any discomfort, instead lowering herself even further before responding.

"This one is relaxed. Marvelous is your wisdom and consideration of the comfort of one so insignificant as I. Truly, I am to blame for this inconvenient situation. I must certainly deserve to be stripped of my status aboard this vessel for my misunderstanding, for it can be understood as nothing except my own fault and incompetence. This one was unable to find its way when ordered to correct a simple malfunction, and was discovered attempting to correct the alien technology of the replicator. Though I was able to fix the computer malfunction, this one imposed on a superior officer, and caused her bodily harm within her own personal dwelling. Surely this lowly, pathetic failure of a graduate of the Academy deserves nothing but the harshest punishment for her negligence toward customs, which surely are nothing but common to any creature but the most ignorant and unenlightened as I surely must be..."

"Ensign." Ritona again interrupted, attempting to make sense (and notes) of what klicky was saying. "you got lost heading to repair a malfunction, ended up in Vex' quarters and decided to try and fix her replicator. She entered, then tell me exactly in your own words, what happened. Also, does this "getting lost" happen often?"

Klicky looked around the room. She had trampled over a few crewmates to get here already, and prostrating herself was no strange result to the insectoid alien. "This one is not exceptionally bright," she admitted. "The alien rooms of this vessel are difficult to the inferior senses of my species. I believed I was well within the limits of time and convenience, but I was unable to find my way out of the Lieutenant Vex's quarters. I do not in truth fully understand where my own designated quarters are. As such, I believe it only suitable that I be punished for such ignorance. After such training as I have had among humans and similar creatures, it has not proved any easier in navigation. Therefore I am surely guilty of the most invasive of crimes, and will accept all responsibility as I am deserving of."

"You must be bright, your academy record of achievement says that you are an amazing engineer. If you're getting lost due to some species-based lack of spacial awareness, we need to work with you to get passed it. You will not be punished for getting lost ensign. I will talk to the Commander and find out what we can do to accommodate these issues and how we can help you move passed them." Ritona replied, pausing and reaching for a tricorder on the desk. It was a spare, one she had planned to tinker with.

Pressing a few buttons, the main screen brought up a map of the Ship with a flashing dot near engineering. She handed it to Klicky.

"Here, for now, this will help. Keep it with you at all times. I've programmed it to react to vocal instructions, all you need to do is ask it to tell you how to get to where you want to go."

Klicky tapped her forelimbs together before reaching out to receive the tricorder with both hands. "Most wise," she agreed, bowing her enormous body low to the ground. The alien took up as much horizontal room in doing so as she did vertically. "I am unworthy to carry such a device as this, but your advice is generous and I will do all I can. I am sorry for the trouble I have caused you... It is not my place to complain, yet I trust you would understand how overwhelming it is not to sense where you are, what direction you are going? Er... but I have wasted enough of your time, Lieutenant. Thank you once more!" She bowed again.

"That will help with you getting lost." she paused, standing from behind her desk and folding her arms.

"But there is one more very important piece of information I need Ensign. How did Leftenant Vex end up with a concussion?
I know that you were lost, and that presumably you can see a lot clearer in the dark than humanoids can, so that explains you being in the leftenant's quarters in the dark, but it does not explain how she became injured." she paused, "I am not accusing you of intentionally hurting her" she continued in a re-assuring tone, "I just need your side of the story"

"Tk-tk-tk," Klicky pondered. She didn't want to be responsible for a Lieutenant getting in trouble. That might make life aboard the Tranquility rather more difficult for her. Any senior officer could make things generally more unpleasant for you, even if you weren't in their department, but engineering cadets understood that more than others. If an officer did not like you, it wasn't unheard of for one mistake to become more work than any one person could handle. Kazaaakplethkilik considered some of the warnings she got from classmates, and made the judgement that it wasn't worth lying for. Her species, on the whole, were not skilled in dishonesty.

"This one must have seemed pretty scary in the dark, I realise. When the lieutenant entered, this one saw the instinct to action in her eyes, but... ah, the lieutenant called Vex must have realised I was not there to harm her. It must be that her restraint caused her to loose balance. She tripped, and this one hurried to make sure she was all right. Most unfortunate. So contacting you was all this one thought to do at the time."

Nodding, Ritona sat down again. "Very well Ensign. Make sure you keep that tricorder with you. And for now, stay away from Vex' quarters. Dismissed."

Klicky's face was a hard carapace plate, but it was slender and reflective. It was tough to know where her compound eyes were looking, but she bowed again suddenly. If one did not know any better, the pink of her carapace might seem like a cheeky blush. "This one has much to learn, thank you lieutenant, thank you!" Bumping into the door frame, she fumbles to fix some objects she very nearly knocked on the floor before exiting the office.

After the Klicky had left and the door had closed, Ritona Giggled to herself at the apparent randomness of her colleague.

:: OFF ::

Ritona Frialis
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Engineering Officer
Ensign, USS Tranquility


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