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Batten the Hatches

Posted on Thu Jun 8th, 2017 @ 12:37pm by Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha & Lieutenant Amata Zan & Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Lieutenant Kaybok

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Location: USS Tranquility, Betazed Orbital Stations
Timeline: Final

:: ON ::

Days had passed on Batazed since the press briefing with Mister Ikenga. More of the story was beginning to leak and with the Convention still in swing, rumours and speculation was taking hold. Tyro had received a request for an interview, no doubt to probe what she knew about the star that they didn't. She had scheduled it for tomorrow, but in fact the USS Tranquility was leaving Betazed this morning.

The senior crew had been informed yesterday that the ship was to depart, and it fell on them to ensure that their departments found the way aboard for they left. When Tranquility arrived at Betazed she sailed with less than half her required crew. By the time it left port, she'd be humming with a full compliment of activity.

Tyro had her early-morning tea, the preamble for coffee toward the morning proper. She was standing in her preferred spot on the bridge, not in her chair but on the platform above and behind it, where the flat wooden railing provided her a place to rest her mug and a table for her PaDDs. The commander was reading manifests and maintenance logs, loitering against the railing while she awaited the loading reports and senior officers to arrive. She hoped for a quick exit, intending to leave before noon without delay. None of the crew knew exactly where they were going, unless they'd done research on their own time, but hopefully the transition from leave to duty was easy for most of them, even those who were beginning a new tour with a new ship and crew.

As was usual Alekelia set the monitors that were not needed in sickbay to mirror the feed from the main view screen on the bridge. It was a way for her and the small staff to know what was happening and departure was always a time for both joy and sadness. It meant a new journey but it also meant saying goodbyes. Though she did not know it, she also sipped at a mug of tea. It was a deep rich oolong that she had sweetened with more sugar than most humanoids liked. The clash of tastes were interesting, from the inital sweet sensation to the rich earthy tone aftertaste. A small pleasure, that seemed to bode well for the start of a new journey.

She said quietly, making an odd rolling shrug that rustled and flashed her own long translucent wings, "Let us try our wings together."

With all of her team aboard and accounted for and the stress testing of the metaphasic shielding underway, Ritona stood at at the console at the top deck of engineering, looking out and down over the warpcore that lit the entire room with it's blue-green glow.

The start-up sequence for the warp engines had been completed, and the impulse reactors were on their pre-heat cycles. Ritona felt anxiously excited for the start of her first mission. And while she still had concerns about exactly [i]what[/i] they were flying into, she new that her team would be ready.

Unmanned consoles sitting dim all around them, Amata and two red uniformed tactical officer monitored Tranquility's departure from the ship's Combat Operations Centre. The room was designed to coordinate a fleet of starships and was meant for far more than three officers, the lieutenant standing over his sitting subordinates, long range and short range sensors dully displayed on their screens. The redshirts were as focused as if the they were at red alert, as new as they were to the ship they could sense the tension among the crew about their deployment, that or their new boss was doing his best to intimidate them.

Tyro came around to her chair. She pulled up the communications controls in the arm and activated the All-Call.

=This is the captain. Please give us a status update, all sections. We have a Federation science team coming aboard, and I want the crew reeled in as early as possible, so we can get underway.=

Tyro leaned against the empty XO seat with her tea, looking up at the main screen, beyond which was the betazed orbital complex. It was a network of interlocked stations, smaller than Earth Spacedock, but older as well. It occurred to her how strange it was that fresh crew, on their first missions out of dock, somehow often found themselves facing the most extraordinary events. Tyro didn't believe in fate, but the pattern of it was so puzzling to her. It seemed logical to think your first mission on a new vessel would be rewardingly simple -a patrol, a taxi, a distress beacon in between perhaps. What it looked like in the fleet however was that ships out of dock somehow stumbled into more excitement than they bargained for, almost a curse she thought, the spacer part of her that was still superstitious. Murphy's law, maybe.

=Looking for good omens,= she added.

"The unknown," Amata let slip with a sigh, causing his ensigns to steal a look at him, he looked no different than before. Using a console, the lieutenant broadcasted his reply, =All security points crewed, all tactical systems safetied.=

Ritona heard the uncertainty in the commander's voice, it only deepened her own concerns. Typing a few more commands into a Console to confirm everything was ready, she pressed her combadge

=Engineering to Bridge, Everything is ready to go down here. Warp core is online, and I estimate five minutes for the impulse reactors to reach temperature. All Engineering crew accounted for, Just say the word Captain=

Kaelin sat front and center at the helm station, subtly fiddling with the chair controls. With the ship in port, it had been a while since she'd actually sat for a bridge shift. As a department head she could easily call in relief officers during non-critical moments, as flight hours were far more precious to junior helm officers than the boredom they usually entailed. And as the law of averages would have it, most... all of those helm officers were taller than her. It was terribly hard to feel in control when your feet weren't touching the floor.

By this point in her career Kaelin wasn't very fond of leaving port. Not as fond of coming in. Younger officers were always so eager to get out there and explore. She got that. But as the years went by friends and sweethearts moved on, unfinished business piled up, and the nagging feeling nagged even harder that this trip out just might be the last. But that was the nature of the job, and for the moment she accepted it.

Finally getting her chair set up the way she wanted, Kaelin awaited the order to depart.

"Helm, set your course." Reports in from her crew, their guests, and Starfleet. It was time to go.

"Adjust heading once we've cleared traffic to a million kilometers, and we'll be on our way to the Ikenga Star System." Little worker pods detached from the hull, and signalling lights on the station began to change colour. A nice runway of blue bouys lit the ship's path safely away from the station. On the main screen, there were Federation ships hovering all around, but Tranquility was bound for open space. She pressed the all-call again.

=Clamps are away. We're floating in space now, everyone. Welcome back.=

Kaybok sat quietly at his station on the bridge as he observed the readings on his console. He paused a moment and turned around and looked at the bridge officers momentarily and then turned around to face his console. Kaybok thought, "it's good to be part of this family... I'm looking forward to boldly going wherever the journey takes me. For once, I believe I am truly happy."

Alekelia felt the ship move and smiled. "Come little one," she whispered. "Come let us try our wings together."


Smiling confidently at the readouts and her team, Ritona tapped her combadge.

=Engineering to bridge, we're ready for warp whenever you want it. All speeds available=

=Very good= said Tyro. She took a thoughtful sip of her tea, getting comfortable in her chair. "Helm, engage."

:: OFF ::

Tyro Adina
Commanding Officer
Commander, USS Tranquility

Kaelin Vex
Chief Flight Control Officer

LtCmdr Alekelia illm A'olha
Chief Medical Officer

Amata Zan
Chief of Security
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Ritona Frialis
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant, USS Tranquility

Science Officer
Lieutenant JG, USS Tranquility


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