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Uniform Concepts for the USS Tranquility: Diplomacy Into the New Era!

The Tranquility uniform is familiar in some aspects to older styles which are recognisably Starfleet. At the same time, the Tranquility Alpha is distinct from most other looks shared by vessels serving our great Federation.

The Alpha, designed uniquely for the restored USS Tranquility, utilises the standard departmental colours used on other Starfleet vessels. Displayed along the bottom of the jacket and cuffs of the sleeves, the departmental colour fades up toward the upper body. The fade is what makes Alpha distinct from duty uniforms of patrol and exploratory ships. Designed to operate within known space, among established routes, Tranquility personnel are tailored to project optimism for the future in a wildly shifting galactic landscape!

While the torso of the jacket is black, the sleeves up to the shoulders are purple. Purple is used as an element in the Alpha uniform for a number of reasons. Aboard a number of vessels in Obsidian Fleet, Starfleet's Diplomatic Corps appropriates purple as it's departmental colour. As a task-oriented work-horse for the Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet, Tranquility shows solidarity by adopting a shade of purple of its own. The intent is not to hijack the work of Starfleet's skilled diplomats, but to show full support for the work they do. The message of adopting the colour in the Alpha uniform is to demonstrate that every crewmember is a dedicated asset to peace and diplomacy throughout the quadrant. Historically, purple has been a colour reserved for royalty and privilege on Earth. In the 2390's, just as every guest is afforded the same quarters as every cadet, no crewperson is undeserving in showing their dedication to the cause of galactic peace.

Another feature of the Tranquility Alpha which stands out, is the decision to have the jacket close on the left, instead of the right. Starfleet's previous uniforms which sported overbreasts closed to the right, a style often associated with the masculine. Feminine clothing on Earth developed to close on the left in an aristocratic culture, where women relied on servants to dress them. In the same culture, the fashion of men's clothing developed to be easily fastened alone. Not simply does the Alpha choose the feminine because (you know, whatever) to push the boundaries of equality, but also to fully embrace the spirit of cooperation. It's not hard to fasten by yourself either, really.

Below, we see samples of the alternate uniform styles, which are all considered proper dress while on-duty. Should a crewperson feel more comfortable, it is permitted to leave the jacket open, showing the grey undershirt beneath it. It is also perfectly acceptable, even on the bridge, to dress only in the undershirt. The grey undershirt comes in turtleneck, and short-sleeved variants. It is a versatile layer, with a departmental stripe down the left shoulder and an inner-lining coloured according to department as well. It's a comfortable alternative to the jacket, and familiar enough to personnel tranferring from other ships.

All layers of the Tranquility Alpha are up to or beyond the quality expected in versatile Starfleet uniforms. The practical elements are all included, the specifics of which are classified by Starfleet. These designs are property of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, and will not be recognised patterns in legal replicators. Unauthorised fabrication of these uniforms is an illegal activity subject to responce from Federation law enforcement.

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