- 003 - Brief - KDF/DPRK

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Mission Template


Title: KDF/DPRK (not the real title...)
Status: Ended
Primary Goal: To investigate a trend of refugee migration into Federation space from across the Klingon border.
Secondary Goal(s): To detain or deny refugees trying to enter the Federation, by the request of the Klingon High Council. Starfleet is unlikely to support any actions which will negatively effect relations with the Empire.

Treat Level: Medium-High
Complexity: High
Expectation: Many plot-important elements need to be introduced by the GMs, explained OOC, or implanted among trusted members of the crew. Character choices will have a lasting impact on the Tranquilityverse
Mission Focus: Politics, Diplomacy

In Character (IC)

An emerging surge of refugees of a specific species into the Federation hasn't gone unnoticed by Starfleet. The Klingon High Council has made a formal request that the Federation begin denying entry to these refugees, and even to deport identified members of the species back into Klingon custody. Before any decision can be made, the USS Tranquility is deployed to investigate. Meanwhile, the crew have standing orders to detain and question any new refugees attempting to cross the border.

Out of Context (OOC)

The refugees are from a planet controlled by the Klingons, but it is not directly under occupation or any kind of Klingon military rule. The refugees are fleeing real and terrible oppression however, but the Klingon government is unwilling to intervene or provide aide. The High Council also considers it none of Starfleet's business at all, so the Prime Directive directly forbids any hope of approaching the problem at its source.

Instead, Tranquility must wrestle with the issue of how much they are responsible. With current orders to detain refugees, and as they learn more and more of the widespread suffering from which they are fleeing, the crew has a very complex choice ahead of them... Are they responsible for the refugees once they have entered the Federation, and does Starfleet have the right to ignore their obligation at the request of China -er, the Klingons? Is it perhaps more important to respect the sovereignty of the Empire in this case, with hopes of supporting and cultivating an ultimate solution that isn't imposed from a superficial, outsider perspective?

Neither of these are perfectly satisfactory, and either could be the wrong decision which prolongs the conflict. It's a complex and modern-day issue! Tranquility is rushed to make a decision when a Klingon Bird of Prey arrives to monitor them. There is no right or wrong answer, especially not when Tranquility discovers that the refugee smuggling is organised from the Federation side of the border.

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