- 100 - USS Tranquility - Introduction

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USS Tranquility NCC-79936

Tranquility is the most recent Majestic Class diplomatic courier to be refitted to the original intended dimensions. She is also unique in the line of Majestic frigates. Unlike the original 12 ships of the class, Tranquility was thoroughly restored rather than refitted. The ship was discovered wrecked on a planet outside Federation space, and a recovery project was orchestrated to bring it back into service. Much of the ship has been completely reconstructed, including an entire warp nacelle, giving designers the chance to rebuild Tranquility with a distinct character which sets it apart from the vessels of its same class.

Uniquely, the USS Tranquility has also been tasked to serve the Federation Diplomatic Service and not Starfleet directly. Civilian diplomats representing the Federation Council have traditionally secured passage aboard Starfleet vessels as affiliates and were incidental to a given starship's mission. Tranquility has been provided by Starfleet specifically for use by the Council and civilian organisations. Although commanded by a selected officer as chosen by Starfleet, Tranquility will allow Federation diplomats to be more self-directed and less reliant on Starfleet during sensitive and time-critical situations. Tranquility is equipped with a state-of-the-art communications array, designed specifically for the ship, and a Romulan cloaking device to be used only in the most delicate circumstances.

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