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Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Fri Mar 6th, 2015 @ 9:55am

Operational Status Overview

This resource is meant to lend a little context to anyone interested, and describes the ship under Transit operation. It will be updated occasionally, and even at the convenience of the players if they would like to ask.

Status Report

Most Recent Deployment: Archanis System - Kin Yao Refugee Crisis

Time Since Last Supply: 0 Days (aprox.)

Sensors: Online
Communications: Online
Armaments: Complete
Supplies: Decent
None Necessary

Systems Report

Shipboard Communications: Online
External Communications: Online
Systems Energy: Surplus Available
Sensors: Active
Utilities: Online
Environmental Controls: Active, All Decks

Green Space: Supported
Used Storage Space: 40% of Capacity
Contaminations: None Reported

Provisions Report

Replicators: Functional
Fresh Produce from Storage: Adequate
Fresh Produce Grown on Tranquility: Abundant
Emergency Rations: Inadequate
Available Food: Sufficient

Most Popular Menu Selection: "mild" b'havian new-year's hasperat

Ship's Population: 150 aprox.
Load on Capacity: 65%



Photon Torpedoes: 56/57
Quantum Torpedoes: 29/29
Polaron Torpedoes: 4/4

Fuels and Vital Materials

Deuterium: Even
Tritium: Even
Dilithium: Even

Needed Requisitions


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