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Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Fri Mar 6th, 2015 @ 9:56am

Tactical Status Overview

Updated occasionally for reference! Reports may be edited as required, and are meant to represent a general status of the ship. This resource should indicate the status of Tranquility during Transit operation.

Alert Status

Green Alert

Most Recent Deployment: Archanis Sector - Kin Yao Refugee Crisis

Weapons Stations: Ready
Shields: Operational
Engines: Optimal
Hull Strength: 100% Integrity No Breaches
Systems Report: All Functioning

Supply Level: Full Inventory
Casualty Reports:
Lt. Karima

Shield Status

Status: Optimal
Shield Strength: 100%
Primary Emitters: Optimal
Secondary Emitters: Optimal

Cloaking Shield: Cooperative
Metaphasic Shield: Available

Weapon Status

Type IX Phasers

Status: Optimal
Forward Arrays: Operational (6/6)
Aft Arrays: Operational (4/4)
Damage Report:
No Damage


Status: All (3) Tubes Operational
Photon Torpedoes: 56/57
Quantum Torpedoes: 29/29
Polaron Torpedoes: 4/4

Structural Integrity

Overall Hull Integrity: 100%
Abltative Armour: 99%
Internal Forcefields: Operating
Breaches: None
Section Report: All Sections Stable
Decks: All Decks Reporting

Engine Status

Warp Status: Online, Maximum 9.5
Impulse Engines: Online
Warp Core: Online
Power Systems: At Acceptable Perameters

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