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Romulan Cloaking Devices

The Federation has since the Dominion War been pursuing unprecedented cooperation with the Romulan Star Empire. The trajectory of this relationship is unclear, but in the wake of the Hobus Supernova in 2387, the Federation has made large strides in opening diplomatic contact with the Romulan people. At the forefront of this complicated relationship is Obsidian Fleet.

Cloaking Technology was developed by the Romulan Empire even long before proper contact was established with the Federation. It eventually made its way onto Klingon ships, and into the possession of a selection of other powers. The Federation meanwhile was prohibited to deploy cloaking technology through the signing of the Treaty of Algeron, since the year 2311. The development of an advanced "phase cloak" has been pushed into the realm of speculation.

The first Federation starship to officially make use of a Romulan Cloak was the USS Defiant, in support of mutual security against the Dominion threat. Defiant was only permitted to use the cloak in the Gamma Quadrant, but it later saw use against hostile forces during the Dominion War. Cloaks did not become legal or common issues on Starfleet ships until the formation of Obsidian Fleet.

As a joint venture between the United Federation of Planets and Romulan Star Empire, many Obsidian Fleet vessels are permitted to field Romulan Cloaking Devices under direct observation. Ships carrying Cloaking Devices must adhere to practices perscribed by the Romulan military, to ensure their own security. These practices have led many commanders to opt out of the refit, fearful of allowing a Romulan military presence aboard their vessels. Further speculation has been made to suggest this agreement was provided to prevent the development of Phase-Cloaking technology in the Federation.

Usage Aboard the USS Tranquility

The USS Tranquility has been granted the privilege of using such a device. With the mission profile of a courier like Tranquility, the use a cloak certainly seems to have positive prospects. While occassionally the ship will carry sensitive information, careful measure has been taken to ensure the device will not compromise ship's security. When not in use, all installed Romulan technology associated with the device is completely inert.

Engineering, Operations, and Security personnel are provided specialty training in using the technology. The operation of a cloak is standard on Romulan vessels, but the Tranquility is adviced to use the system only when needed. The diplomatic focus of the ship makes it a perfect platform to practice trust between Romulan and Federation, but certain protocols will ensure the technology will not be abused, and should be carefully considered when use is appropriate.

Above all other stipulations of using Tranquility's Cloaking Device, when activated the device accesses the ship's sensors, interior and exterior, and stores the information within isolated memory banks. This function is meant ostensibly to ensure that the device is not being used against Romulan interests. This is a condition Starfleet has chosen to accept, and when offline the Device poses no security threats whatsoever. The Romulan black-boxes are also not tamper-proof, although doing so is both dangerous and illegal, and would be grounds for Court-Martial. Additionally, use of any cloaking device is a significant drain on Tranquility's power systems.

Use of the Cloaking Device at any time should be very carefully considered.

The Gatekeeper Program

Finally, Tranquility does not carry a Romulan Liason Officer. To save the hassle, for Starfleet and the Romulan military alike, the Cloak is protected by its very own autonomous holographic program.

The Gatekeeper Program will automatically activate if anyone attempts to physically access the Cloaking Device. The Cloak can only be accessed with the cooperation of the Gatekeeper hologram, or else illegally. Gatekeeper also protects the Cloak and its systems from any tampering, and is stored separately to Tranquility's computer. Although all the details of the program aren't available, Starfleet is content that the program does not pose any threat to the ship. It's just that its annoying.

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