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Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Tue Apr 21st, 2015 @ 11:25am

Tranquility Arcs

We love things to be layered here on Tranquility. We're a special ship with a special role in the Galaxy. Things don't stop developing because we're doing a mission with a different focus. The stories we explore will often be part of a much bigger picture, ongoing and escalating around us!

Instead of a long list of articles about different things, I hope to detail the important story points in the pages listed here. They are large plot arcs that we'll revisit and hear about from time to time. They are the political, dramatic, interesting story arcs that feature in our writing. I'm listing some of the categories I expect to use, and I will try to update the list according to what's most relevant. If you have any suggestions for Arcs you want to see in this section, please post a comment here, send me a PM on the site, or send me an email!


These are the major, proscribed plot arcs that are currently developing. Whether these arcs describe political situations, galactic conflics, social phenomena that are developing in the federation, these are plot arcs that we've establish and intent to keep on looking at. These are all arcs that we will feature in many missions, because they are the hot-button issues of 2392 and beyond.


These are plot arcs which we also love to explore, but aren't as critical or guided by the GMs. These might not even be the sole subject of missions, but are likely to play some role in our stories on a constant basis. These arcs might include the relationships and reputations Tranquility as a unit starts to gather with specific groups, like governments, organisations, or other ships we've come into contact with.


If a member has a story arc they are willing to see listed here, or that they are happy to invite other players to get involved with, I would love to include them! These can be ongoing relationships, or personal journeys, or other dramas in the lives of our characters. The stories of NPCs who have an impact on the whole crew can also be listed here, like if for example we have as a crew decided to sponsor a soccer team or something.


Finally, story arcs that we have 'completed' will be marked as such. While once proud arcs in their own right, these will be the story acts that are no longer relevant, or that we have worked hard to bring to a satisfying conclusion. Some other arc may be the natural offspring of these, but they are the stories we have consigned to fond memory.

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