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Established: Sea of Tranquility ~ M1
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The Yvorr are a cosmopolitan empire on the edge of Federation space. The Yvorr are a coalition of several species and worlds, all directed under one central government which has come to dominate the region. Their territory encompases several habital worlds where the native species are subjects of the Yvorr. A relatively weak and small power in the Alpha Quadrant, the Yvorr government is considered undeveloped and technologically inferior to most Federation cultures. There is a huge wealth disparity between the majority of people living under Yvorr rule, and the aristocratic elite, some of which are humans who once enjoyed Federation citizenship.

The Yvorr are notable for rampant corruption and human-rights violations, especially taking advantage of technologically weaker societies. They are not popular figures on the galactic stage. There is some speculation that the Yvorr aristocracy support or engage in piracy and smugglnig to finance their territorial fiefdoms.

Diplomatic Relations

Starfleet and the Federation has been opposing Yvorr expansion for a long time. There have been sanctions and treaties between Starfleet and the Yvorr border domains for decades. However, there has never been any conflict or aggression between the Federation and its small neighbour. While rumour and speculation abound, there is not hard evidence that implicates the Yvorr in pirate activity along its border with the Federation.

In recent years, there has been a quiet push to extend the Federation's relationship with the Yvorr, in hopes of better protecting victims of the Yvorr state and putting more pressure on the regime to change. While the position of the Federation is to try and work with the Yvorr to advocate for human rights, the lifting of sanctions and restrictions on the regime is an unpopular step. Many critics in the Federation feel the move will just strengthen the hold that the Yvorr regime has on its people.

Another political issue which raises some arguments is Starfleet's push to recover the crashed USS Tranquility. The ship crashed on a planet in Yvorr territory, and in the negotiations to access the site, Startfleet consented to new trade agreements and stipulations which have been met with public outcry.

Barony of Yvanen

The planet on which Tranquility was discovered fell under rulership of a local despot, named Baron Yvanen Toutilani. The Barony of Yvanen shares a direct border with the Federation, and is especially renowned for corruption and criminal activity. The Baron was a key figure in the proceedings to retrieve Tranquility, and was sure to take advantage of the situation as much as he could.

The structure of government in the Yvorr Domains means that individual Barons like Toutilani have a lot of autonomy from the High Ruler. With the lucky bargaining token Toutilani had in the crashed Tranquility, he has been able to secure a great deal more power in the regime than he ever could have managed without it.

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