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Established: Sea of Tranquility ~ M1
Focus: Relationship and Renown
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The project launched soon after the wreck of the USS Tranquility was discovered. It encompasses the diplomatic and practical operations to reclaim it, the subsequent restoration, and it's deployment under direct command of the Federation Diplomatic Service.

'Project Tranquility,' or 'The Tranquility Project' refer equally to the joint initiative between Starfleet and The Federation Diplomatic Service (a civilian agency, and one arm of the Federation Council). It is effectively an agreement, placing a fully operational fully armed vessel under the command of its constituents, also referred to as the 'Tranquility Council.' The Council effectively selects the crew, accepts requests from affiliate organisations, and directly provides Tranquility and its crew all of her missions and orders. These missions are not subject to Starfleet's direct approval, and often follow directly under orders of the Federation Council itself.

Tranquility Command Council

Project Tranquility is spearheaded by a small group of high-ranking officials, representing the various interests invested in the project's success. This includes members of Starfleet, who wish to maintain the distinction between Starfleet and the Federation government. It also includes members of the Federation Press, the Federation Diplomatic Service, Starfleet's own Diplomatic Corps, and representatives from a host of invested parties. Each member of the Tranquility Council has authority over the course of the project, and work together to decide its future.

Currently important members include the following.

Director Chiopp
Chiopp is a retired benzite Captain. He is now the Director of the Luna Shipyards and the appropriately named Tranquility Base, on Earth's moon. He is very friendly, although somewhat clueless at times. He was selected to represent Starfleet in the Command Council after the departure of Admiral Bell, a former administrator of the project.

Ambassador T'Sering
An important Ambassador from Vulcan, T'Sering is a member of the Federation Council. She is also only half Vulcan, having been born of a Betazoid mother. She has the remarkable ability to project emotion, which would otherwise make her a dangerous individual in Vulcan society. Fortunately, near a century of effort and self-awareness has led to her astonishing metal control. She is respected and admired for her determination, as well as some personal affectations which make her more approachable to aliens, especially humans.

Huizhong Xiaobo
One of the twins who both serve in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Huizhong is a bookish human with a strong adherence to regulation and the rule of law. She is a capable officer, but one of those rare cases of an officer reaching the rank of Captain through a very different career path. She has always served best from behind a desk.

Kimberly Xiaobo
Kimberly is the second twin on the Command Council who represents the Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet. She is a human socialite, who is always eager to engage in conversation and gossip. Her cheerful and relaxed attitude hides a swift and unwavering dedication to Starfleet principles of honour, respect, and protection of the people of the Federation.

Formerly serving as Executive Officer aboard the USS Tranquility, Commander Berdas is a bolian career officer, working for the Diplomatic Corps. He was heavily involved in the ship's restoration and acquisition, staying with the project during its entire history. He is regarded as one of the primary reasons for the success of the project, and played an active role in its operation.

More may come, go, or play their part in stories yet to be told!

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