Events of Merit

Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Fri Jul 17th, 2015 @ 1:35am

Among these old pages are recounted the activities of the UoM Sisterhood! The sisterhood has many names, but it celebrates the accomplishments of its rank among our very crew. On Tranquility, the boons and stories of the Sisterhood come and go, apparently at random! Some have called these events, 'Units of Merit.'

On the USS Tranquility, awards and rewards also come attached to special encounters with the UoM sisterhood! In recognition of OOC excellence, we've received these awards from the fleet, along with the events that followed close behind them.

Anodyne Award for Outstanding Presentation, 2015

In recognition of the work put into the USS Tranquility site, Anodyne Productions, the creators of Nova, presented this award to a wonderful crew. Representatives of the 24th century megacorporation paid the ship a visit, to inspect the product of their investment and support in the Tranquility Project.

Silver Unit of Merit, March 2015

While entirely deserving of one, there was no event to coincide with the arrival of this award. Soon after the rush of our initial launch, with our characters still fresh and exciting in our minds, we earned this award from the Fleet! The ship had only just left from the Luna Berthing Yards and the Sisterhood had not set itself up quite yet. It was a simpler time, but that was long ago...

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