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Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Wed Jul 22nd, 2015 @ 4:10pm

Tranquility Library

Welcome to the ship's wiki.

Here we will try to organise useful content for all players to peruse if they wish. It will be updated periodically by the Command Team, but all players are encouraged to submit pages of their own as well. The wiki may begin to reflect how vibrant the Tranquilityverse becomes, if there starts to be enough worth sharing. We hope there will be!

Adding Articles

If there are any gaps you feel could be filled, may I suggest submitting an article of your own! I will be very happy to put any article into the wiki, and by your initiative. What will be most important is that you let me know, so I can add it to the organisation sceme and main wiki page.

It will be easier if you send a PM to the Command Team, or contact me (Tyro) however you're able. If not though, I will be looking through the unsorted pages and other categories once in a while. If I am not sure where a new article belongs, I will just have to guess at where to put it.

Any and all players are welcome to add to the library though!

Department Content

Most often, I'll try to sort new articles players may submit to the relevant departments. If you are not a Department Head for the Department you may wish to submit an article to, please consult them first.

Articles important for each department can be anything from duty-shifts, to section management, to relevant information. I will be happy to accomodate.

Mission Concepts

If you have a story concept you'd like to see up, I will be very interested to see those as well! These can be anything from small side-plots to story-arcs or main missions. There is a template for sumitting these sorts of articles, but they are not required of you. You may organise your ideas however you prefer.

With these especially though, I will appreciate a message about your submission.


Commenting on articles is always welcome! A nice comment on another person's submission will earn you community points for sure, and I do take notice.

I also ask for comments on any Story Concepts that are put up, because that helps us know how to tweak and order their appearance in the sim.

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