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Post Library for Sea of Tranquility, in Narrative Order

The Maiden Voyage of the USS Tranquility

Mission Start: February 1st, 2015
Mission Close: Aug 31st, 2015

MandalaTyro AdinaNull
Journey for Wildfire, part ITyro Adina, Tyson AdinaPre-Debloyment
Only Resting Berdas, Toutilani Prologue
Retired Giants Kaelin Vex, Chiopp Prologue
The Help Kristin St James, Slug Pre-Deployment
March of the Bolians Berdas, Rostor Koyak, Evelyn Long Pre-Deployment
Sensitivity Seminar Everyone Pre-Deployment
Bell Ringer Aaron Reece, Tranquility Council Prologue
Pulsar Spree Kaelin Vex, Kaima Sajida Prologue
The Honoured Dead Kaybok, Toroth, Durkath Prologue
Ships Passing in the Night Elarius Corallin Pre-Deployment
The World of the Living Everyone Deployment

Negotiations Ryan Flynn, Nikoelin Sar Tasartir Transit
Kaybok's Arrival, part I Kaybok Transit
An intelligent presence Ryan Flynn, Owen Stark Transit, 09:00
Kaybok's Arrival, part II Kaybok Transit
Perspectives on Peace Berdas, Ryan Flynn Transit
In the Interest of Time Berdas, Aaron Reece Transit
No Fing Way Julia Diamondsword Prologue
Access Restricted Ryan Flynn, Gatekeeper.exe Transit
Supply and Demand Berdas, Kristin St James Transit
Freedom of the Press Ryan Flynn, Rostor Koyak, Evelyn Long Transit
Media Relations Officer, Personal Log Charles Armstrong Personal Log
Toymaker Kristin St James, Ryan Flynn Transit
Scouting Aaron Reece, Evelyn Long Transit
Not Enough Room Julia Diamondsword, Christian Cagan Transit
Chief Intelligence Officer's Log - Entry 1. Ryan Flynn Personal Log
Journey for Wildfire, part IITyro Adina, Tyson AdinaTransit
Bio-Puff Berdas, Evelyn Long, Rostor Koyak Transit
The Uninitiated Kristin St James, Tyro Adina Transit
Franchise Potential Kaybok, Milou Transit
Disruptive Filmaking Kaybok, Nu'Havri, Rostory Koyak, Evy Long Transit
Supplemental Log: Subcategory Kaybok Personal Log
Kitty Complaint Kristin St James, Tyro Adina Transit
Allergies to Aliens Lenore Fitzpatrick, Chiopp Transit
Journey for Wildfire, part IIITyro Adina, Tyson AdinaTransit

Rescue, part I Everyone At Melona
Latest Ship Christian Cagan, Julia Diamondsword, Chiopp Melona
Indirect Directness Berdas, Julia Diamondsword Melona
Rescue, part II Everyone Melona

Distant Thoughts Kaybok Personal Log
Grace Under Pressure Berdas, Julia Diamondsword, Christian Cagan Melona
Mirror Mirror Berdas, Christian Cagan Melona
Unlikely Trio Julia Diamondsword, Nikoelin Tasartir, Milou Melona
I'm Healthy ok? Julia Diamondsword, Elarius Corallin Melona
Home? Julia Diamondsword Personal Log
New Content Available Christian Cagan, Gatekeeper.exe Melona
Butterflies in Your Stomach Elarius Corallin, Chiopp, Rostor Koyak, Evy Long Melona
The Salted Ocean Warren Knight Personal Log
Debrief Julia Diamondsword, Tyro Adina Melona

*posts marked in bold denote importance to the main plot*

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