- 203 - The Klingon Empire - Minor

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Established: Out from the Shore
Focus: Political
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Since the Dominion War, the Empire has not recovered as cleanly as the Federation has. In fact, fractures and warlords within the Empire have begun seeking their own split from the recognized government. With an significant population of younger warriors now serving as the bulk of the Klingon military force, tensions within the Empire are beginning to boil, and control over the vast territory once thoroughly guarded by the KDF is shrinking.

The High Council lean toward cooperation with the Federation in order to restore the power of the Klingon government, but many clans within the Empire may not commit themselves any longer to the Council's wishes.

Kin Yao

The Klingon High Counsel requested the Federation close their borders to refugee migrants from the planet of Iseung. The Kin Yao being a client state of the Klingon Empire, the High Counsel insisted that the Federation have no involvement, and turn back all refugee Kin Yao caught fleeing Klingon Space.

On the recommendation of the USS Tranquility, the Federation Counsel decided not to honour this request. Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are the lowest they have been since the Hobus Supernova.

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