- 204 - The UoM Sisterhood - Minor

Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Thu Sep 3rd, 2015 @ 3:53am


Established: Sea of Tranquility
Focus: Personal and Communal
Involved in ALL Missions
Featured in 0 Missions


A mystery aboard Tranquility has developed, and it influences everyone aboard. Through the mysterious guidance of Irulan Cicada, a Secret Society is developing among the ranks of Tranquility's crew. This galactic society promises fellowship and prosperity to all who count themselves among its members.

Identifying themselves through the use of ancient coins, the society seeks to bring community and cooperation to its membership, as well as create a non-authoritarian body of shared-resources. The sisterhood seeks to recruit all worthy Sisters into its ranks, yet is forbidden to the Captains of starships, who bring only a reminder of rank, which the Society believe to be detrimental to their goals. It is forbidden for Tyro to gain membership, leaving only the crew of Tranquility eligible to seek advancement within this mystic Sisterhood.

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