- 004 - Brief - Paradox Lost

Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Tue Sep 29th, 2015 @ 1:06am

Mission Template


Title: Paradox Lost
Primary Goal: Initiating the first cultural and scientific exchange with a reclusive species, mostly notable for incidental cases of time-travel contact among non-human members of the Federation.
Secondary Goal(s): Gathering scientific knowledge of time-travel, and bringing home a wealth of new ideas and information from these friendly hosts.

Treat Level: low
Complexity: Probably really complicated... time travel
Expectation: There is definitely lots of room for creative set-dressing, which I will strongly encourage during the mission!
Mission Focus: Diplomatic, Scientific, Adventure!

In Character (IC)

Tranquility plays host to the first official exchange with an extremely isolated alien species. Rather than xenophobic, this species is isolated by the odd conditions of their homeworld. The planet and species is very old and very advanced, but has not had more than an incidental presence in the galaxy for eons. Located inside the extreme radius of their super-giant star, the planet is encased in a technological shell. To Federation scientists, their world is nearly impossible to detect or visit, until now.

Within the impenetrable walls of the planet, the Tranquility crew discovers the reason that contact with this species has been so difficult. Contained within the egg is an isolated timeline, where riding horses with your namesake ancestor is as easy as attending the wedding of your unborn child.

Out of Context (OOC)

The time travellers have a very blurred vision of the outward universe, and they only rarely pay a visit off-world. They are extremely advanced, but the saturation of timelessness among them makes them think all-together differently than we do. This is pretty high-concept stuff, but their society is built on crossing between times and not having it break apart on them.

The economy is based on trading between times, but somehow the eras aren't homogenised by the exchange. To outsiders, it would be very hard distinguish a 'current' timeline, except whichever is most familiar. There isn't a cross-over effect with the outside universe, unless we want our very contact to create such a paradox. There shouldn't be anything that attracts temporal police from the Federation, but perhaps we meet Federation tourists from the future.

Sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic, and this will be a great example for that. I know it's difficult to wrap your monkey brain around, but this is a society who time travels back and fourth with itself, and it WORKS. Everyone's ideas are welcome, so let's have fun with it!

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