001 - Beyond the Shoreline

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Post Library for Beyond the Shoreline, in Narrative Order

The Araceli Refugee Question, Parts I - III

Mission Start: Jul 25th, 2015
Mission Close: Nov 30th, 2016

Second Impressions Tyro Adina Captain's Log
News from Home Charles Armstrong Personal Log
CENG Arrives Christian Cagan, Warren Knight, Tyro Adina Melona 01:30
Midnight Sunlight Kaelin Vex, Tyro Adina In Orbit of Melona
Transparent Lenore Fitzpatrick, Tyro Adina Melona
Pumpkin-Carving for Non-Humans Nikoelin Sar Tasartir Happy Halloween!
Breakup Julia Diamondsword, Tyro Adina Melona
Now Re-Hiring Christian Cagan, Tyro Adina, Owen Stark Melona
Fetters and Flowers Kaybok, Tyro Adina Melona
Elarius Adina Elarius Corallin, Tyro Adina Melona
Peace Offering Julia Diamondsword, Tyro Adina Melona
Captain's Address Everyone Melona
Jitters Kaybok Personal Log
Are You Lost? Theodosia Mainwaring, Tyro Adina Melona
Interview Charles Armstrong, Tyro Adina Melona
Senior Briefing Everyone New Heading: Araceli

Extra Information Theodosia Mainwaring, Tyro Adina Transit to Araceli
Cold fire Theodosia Mainwaring, Lenore Fitzpatrick Transit
Liaisons Patience Jovale, Tyro Adina Transit
Friends in High Places Amata Zan, Tyro Adina Transit
Hugo Whole Tyro Adina Null
Cloaks and Daggers, part I Christian Cagan, Kaybok, Gatekeeper.exe Transit
Cloaks and Daggers, part II Christian Cagan, Kaybok, Gatekeeper.exe Transit
Adventure Library Kaybok, Kaelin Vex, Jade Mainwaring, Tyro Adina Transit
Madam Belizaire's Ballet Class Kaelin Vex Transit
Cohesion Training Lenore Fitzpatrick, Jade Mainwaring, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Transit
Cohesion Debrief Lenore Fitzpatrick, Jade Mainwaring, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Transit
Forged Friendships Kaybok, Christian Cagan Transit
Damage Control Christian Cagan, Gatekeeper.exe Transit
Light in the Shadows of Doubt Christian Cagan, Tyro Adina Transit
While You Slept Christian Cagan Transit
Academics, part I Kaelin Vex, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Prologue
Academics, part II Kaelin Vex, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Prologue
Red sands, white stones Theodosia Mainwaring, Cortex Null
File 385756394736590263445174653 Theodosia Mainwaring Null
File 98538 'Subject Kiana' Theodosia Mainwaring Null
Culture-Shock Kaybok, Tyro Adina Transit
Engineering Report Warren Knight, Devora Kel, Slug Transit
Design Opinions Christian Cagan, Kaybok, Lenore Fitzpatrick Transit
Brand Recognition Amata Zan, Rostrennen T'Sering, Thyr'Urn Prologue
Late to the Party Hadley, Aurus Transit
Rememberance Patience Jovale, Kaelin Vex, "Jade", Nikoelin Tasartir Transit

Borderland Tyro Adina Captain's Log
Little Boats Tyro Adina, Leaxa Dreia Prologue
Bring Me Your Huddled Masses Scott Parker, Tyro Adina Prologue
Worldview Everyone Arrival at Araceli
Team Ops, Go! Christian Cagan, Paden Myles, Valentine Nnamani, Slug Araceli
Scientific Progress Kaybok, Wulan Towashi, Erik Edison Araceli
Flavours of the Galaxy Kaelin Vex, Tyro Adina Araceli
Aracelian Roulette Theodosia Mainwaring, Kaybok Araceli :I
Reunion Kaybok, Tyro Adina Araceli
Hotwire Paden Myles Araceli
Hello Again Tyro Adina, Berdas Araceli
Welcome to the Jungle Jade, Patience Jovale, Christian Cagan, Lenore Fitzpatrick Araceli Colony
Assumptions Scott Parker, Lenore Fitzpatrick, Christian Cagan Araceli Colony
The scared, the weak & the predators Theodosia Mainwaring Araceli Colony
Yeoman's Interview Nu'havri, Tyro Adina Araceli
Cat and Mouse Tyro Adina, Berdas, Kaeling Vex, Kaybok Araceli
Detainee Scott Parker, Christian Cagan, "Fang" Araceli Colony
Eye Witness Patience Jovale, Lenore Fitzpatrick, "Fang" Araceli Colony

Recapt Tyro Adina Day 0
Outbreak, part I Scott Parker, Serafina Palacios, Tyro Adina Day 0
Outbreak, part II Serafina Palacios Day 0
Outbreak, part III Jade, Kaelin Vex, Christian Cagan, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Day 0 23:30

CHAPTER III "Outbreak"
Day One Tyro Adina Captain's Log
Detox Theodosia Mainwaring, Maru Hito, Tyro Adina Day 1 00:05
Enough to Start With Kaelin Vex, Amata Zan Day 1 13:30
Serafina Adina Tyro Adina, Serafina Day 1 14:00
Strategy Meeting Amata Zan, Kaelin Vex, Lenore Fitzpatrick, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Day 1 14:30
Cooling Amata Zan, Christian Cagan, "Jade", Serafina Palacios Day 1 16:43
The Matter of Fallout Tyro Adina, Hadley Day 1
Public Opinion Hadley, Tyro Adina Day 1
Ice Dance Tyro Adina Day 2 of Outbreak
Day Two Tyro Adina Captain's Log
Hatchet the Marines Tyro Adina, R'ul Day 2
Right to R'ul Hadley, Tyro Adina, Nu'havri Day 2
looking backDonovan ClarkePersonal Log
Forces Profondes Hadley, Tarsim, Henry Tollitson, Donovan Clarke Day 2
Legacies Aurus Personal Log
The White Room Hadley Day 2
Last Launch Hadley, Soba Garruk Prologue
This World Ungnyeo "Fang" Prologue

Sister Kaybok Kaybok, Irulan Cicada Initiation
Regrets and a promise Kaybok Personal Log
Vital and Non-Essential Aurus, Nikoelin Sar Tasartir Day 2 1200hrs
Conflict and resolution Kaybok Personal Log
Interlude Hadley, Aurus, Maru HitoInterventions
Chief Diplomatic Officer's Log - Crisis Hadley Personal Log
Frozen Servants Hadley, Donovan Clarke Interventions
Thankfulness and reflection Kaybok Personal Log
Government in Exile Hadley, Tersim, Tyro Adina Interventions
Essential and Vital Tyro Adina, Aurus, Nu'havri Interventions
Chief Diplomatic Officer's Log - The Night Before Hadley Personal Log

Araceli SicilianaAmata Zan, "Fang"Interventions
Siciliana, part II Amata Zan, Hadley, "Fang" Interventions
Little Bit's of Metal Amata Zan, Tyro Adina Interventions
Incriminating Connection Hadley, "Helmet" Judgement
Where We AreHadleyPersonal Log
Acknowledgement Hadley, Maru Hito Judgement
Dying Thoughts Hadley, Aurus Judgement
Sister Zan Amata Zan, Irulan Cicada Initiation
Study Session Tyro Adina, Hadley Judgement
Evasive Angles Hadley, Aurus Judgement
Rung by Rung pt 1 - Arriving at Synergy Amata Zan, Hadley Judgment
Rung by Rung pt 2 - Brak'lul Amata Zan, Kaybok, Hadley Judgement
Rung by Rung pt 3 - Fortune Favours The Bold Amata Zan, Kaybok, Hadley Judgement
Rung by Rung pt 4 - Reaching for Sunlight Hadley, Amata Zan, Kaybok, Tyro Adina Judgment
Life Before TranquilityHadleyPersonal Log
Desperate Times Hadley, Aurus, Seondeok "Helmet" Judgement
Eviction Notice Tyro Adina, Kaelin Vex, Nu'harvi Judgement
Cell Reception Kaelin Vex, Tyro Adina Judgement
Regency Tyro Adina Judgement
Market Day Amata Zan, Tyro Adina Judgement
What's on the Inside Berdas, Tyro Adina Judgement
Confidential Radical Lenore Fitzpatric, Refugee Judgement
Way out, part I Everyone Finale
Way out, part II (final) Everyone Finale

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