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Mission Statement, Player Contact, Command Additions, Content Alterations
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Mission Statement

I will always do what I feel is best for the sim. I must ask that players respect and trust me when I say this, because I will not choose one player over another in any decision that I make.

My intention is always to be open and honest with players and treat them with respect, even if I don't agree with them. However, I believe that all players should be welcome and feel supported, so the following interventions are meant to protect the community as a whole. No intervention will be personal, or motivated in spite of a member of the community. This is something I Promise, but I won't always be able to satisfy everyone with my decisions. Again, all I ask is that you believe that my interventions will be made for the sake of the community, the story, or the longevity of the sim.

If I offend you with one of my decisions, please tell me. I will not consider revoking a decision I've already committed to, but I will try to make it up to you if I can. Your enjoyment of the game is very important to me, but not at the expense of someone else.

Player Contact

My top priority as ever is to encourage everyone to talk to each other. The overwhelming majority of people in this hobby are supportive and friendly, so my first hope in any dispute is that you all can try to talk it through.

Members of the Command Team will try to talk to people if they have a dispute, however minor, and try to find a solution without blowing it out of proportion. This is the best case for me, because I like to see players getting along and being able to work through their problems. Players who show empathy, respect, support, and a willingness to adapt won't go unnoticed by me. Players who demonstrate stubbornness, rudeness, impatience, or an unwillingness to compromise will be offered more invasive solutions.

This step is open to anyone. The Executive Officer, myself, or other members of the Command Team are all capable and trusted to chat with you at the very very least.

Command Additions

At times, an issue over the content of a post might be solved just by adding in a fresh perspective. I might get involved as an NPC or as the captain, but would try not to make the JP about myself. This is a light intervention, and it's meant to help add an alternative. If it doesn't work, or confuses the problem, then further interventions are needed.

This action might be helpful in situations where two players are struggling to agree about content. They may have started the JP together, but the situation may not have been communicated or detailed very well, or there may just be some new confusion. Adding in a third player might help the previous two understand their own JP a little more, now that they need to explain it. A third party might also help to move things along, especially if the issue is that someone has become stuck on a problem. Of course, this isn't a solution that always works, or is always appropriate.

The Executive Officer or I (Commanding Officer) will suggest this as an option, if we think it will be helpful.

Content Alterations

This has always been dangerous territory in simming. Nobody likes to have their writing messed with, and we understand and respect that. There are a number of ways that I may choose to alter content of an ongoing JP, and many reasons to do so. I will try to inform players when I alter something they've written.

I couldn't possibly cover all eventualities, but there are some guarantees I can make. First of all, The Mission.

If I have a specific idea for the course of the mission, and an issue has come up that delays, derails, or confuses it slightly, I may decide that the smartest solution is to edit something before it gets out of control. When I edit anything at all, I try to be very conscious of the original writing. As much as possible, I try to only remove and not add anything as if the other player had written it. I think this is the best policy about it. It's not that I need everyone to do exactly what I want, it's that I can't always let players decide in what direction the story will go. Any edits I make should not be seen as a comment on the player. Ideas that distract too much from the main mission run the risk of being confusing and difficult to keep track of. It also means that other players are then pulled into the new situation, and they might begin to feel manipulated or forced to continue with it. I promise to use discretion when considering what is or isn't harmful to the story, and most of the time I am happy to go along with it. It just happens that my role as CO is to write the missions for everyone's enjoyment. Please remember that when the time comes :x

Player Disputes is the next important reason I might edit a JP. This can take the form of an actual ongoing conversation between two unhappy players, or it can be an issue with the content of a post that confuses or discourages a player from continuing. I may alter or trim JPs if I think it stands a chance of solving an issue between two players. I will do this with the consent of the writers effected whenever possible, but this may not always be the case. I will of course try my best to edit things to the satisfaction of all parties, but players are expected not to contradict an alteration out of spite, or because they don't agree with the solution. If a player is unsatisfied with my attempt to form a compromise and continue with the JP, then they should tell me. The better option after this point would be to scrap the post altogether. The above two interventions will only be made by the Commanding Officer, and players such as the second or executive officer should consult me before addressing the concerns touched upon above. I will talk to players who's JPs I am altering, and if I am changing or removing large sections of content, I will save it first and send it to you in a PM. The Command Team (the executive officer, second officer, and myself) may at times make minor alterations to correct spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. We will not correct errors that occur in dialogue, and if we have made any corrections you don't appreciate we ask you to please tell us.

Post Alterations

Sometimes a post will be made without our knowing about it, and that is half the fun of simming! However, some of the same rules from above apply even if something is already posted to the site.

I read everything that's posted, and if something contradicts the ongoing story or something established by another player, I may wish to adjust it. I will inform you and probably discuss it with you, but I may ask you to edit the post to my wishes. If you prefer, or if you are not willing, I will do it myself...

Preferably, ideas that change or effect the ongoing story should by run by the Command Team, so we can talk about it and how it effects the mission. In general, editing a posts that has already been made is an unlikely case. Backpedalling, even on ideas I don't like, is something I try to avoid on my sim. I reserve the right to only if absolutely necessary.

Post Removal

Left to us when all other options have failed or been rejected, is to delete a post and move on. I don't like this option, and I reserve scrapping anything only as a last resort. Even when a player leaves the sim or becomes inactive, I still try to finish up all their half-written posts anyway.

If a situation has gone on too long, or becoming worse as time passes, I will tell everyone involved that they will move on. Sometimes, cooperating means not having things the way you prefer. It often means leaving room for other people, or putting ideas on hold until later. If smaller sacrifices in communicating or during the writing process can't be made, then abandoning a post may be the only mature option left. I will judge what issues merit this response, but they are made to keep players from becoming unhappy. This is meant to be a game, and it should not become a source of stress for anyone. When it starts to become problematic, and the source of the problem is a post or JP, I will remove it.

The removal of a post is not a comment on either player or their writing. If a post is removed, the message for any player who is effected is that they should move on, and try to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Only the Commanding Officer will ever remove a post, and it will only occur if I feel it's the best intervention for the continued success of the sim.

Player Separation

Not everyone can understand each other or get along. Sometimes that is difficult, and writing is a very personal and emotionally charged experience. Writing with other people takes a little more respect and empathy than other games do, and that is normal for everyone.

Unless a post is dependent on current elements of the story, we can put it on hold if it seems to be causing tension between players. During that time, I can give each player different things to do instead. I can talk to them and I believe that eventually, once emotions have cooled somewhat, anyone can go back to something with a new perspective and do better.

If a post can't just be paused, then the Executive Officer or I can step in and help one or all the players involved finish their sections alone. We will not try to backtrack or erase the contributions made by any player, because there are better solutions to most problems in a roleplay. Keeping players separate is a temporary solution however. After enough time has passed, we will encourage or expect players to reconcile. This is an intervention which can be suggested by the Executive Officer, or myself. In addition, (although only sort-of related) I like match-making on my sim. If players seem to be having trouble starting new JPs between them or getting in touch with each other, I will often start JPs with or for people, then let them play it out how they choose. This is always optional, so please don't feel embarrassed to decline.

Player Removal

Finally, not all players find Tranquility to be the best simming environment for them. There is not always a juicy dramatic reason for a player to be removed. Always, the removal of an active player is a difficult decision for me to make. The Commanding Officer is the only one who will ever remove a player, and she will do it personally through email.

Players may be removed if they are becoming hostile or ruining the enjoyment of the game for others, but I don't consider that to be a very likely scenario. If that is the case however, I will explain in a news item why this player has alienated and ostracized themselves to the crew, and I will commit all their transgressions to memory so that I can recount them to my CO friends when it becomes funny.

Otherwise, I have every respect for the needs of all players. A more likely scenario is that a player is unintentionally hurting the game by being inactive, by writing in such away that is too demanding or insensitive to other players, or by being unable to adapt to the requirements of this sim or the needs of the story.

In every case, I will try to contact and address these issues with the player before I come to any drastic decisions. I will be honest when I communicate my concerns, and tell them what I expect from them. I will explain the reasons I feel their behaviour on the sim needs to improve, and I will offer to help them find a sim that might be better. I will do everything I can to be respectful, and if I am being unfair or irrational, I expect people to share their opinions about it with me.

I repeat it so much, but it's because I think of how important it is to remind everyone. I have a commitment to the sim and to my players, and I want to do whatever I can to make things fun and engaging for you. I run the sim my own way, however. I write missions and tell stories I think are interesting, and I organise the game in a way I think works best for my tastes. If you applied to this sim, you found some of that interesting. I have to ask you to trust me, because cooperation between us is the only way that I get to continue this game, and keep it strong.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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