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Tranquility's History

Production of the USS Tranquility began in 2374, along with the four original starships of her same class. She was identical sisters with the USS Majestic at the time of her design. During her construction, the realities of the Dominion War were the primary influence on Tranquility's design and function.


Among the first new Majestic Class vessels to be hurried out of production for the War was the USS Tranquility. Tranquility was the third starship of its class to be launched, and was pushed into action premature to being fully operational. As war in the Federation turned desperate, and with all active vessels pushing their capabilities to the limit, Tranquility was pressed into service early for only a few short operations before it vanished.

The USS Tranquility was outfitted to production standards for the Majestic Class, although some of it's systems at launch were only marginally operational. Like all ships of the original line, Tranquility was about two thirds the size of later refits at the time of its disappearance. It was also not well armed for the missions it undertook due to concern over Starfleet's supply of torpedoes during the war. Tranquility had to make use of less than half the compliment of photon warheads it was designed to carry, and no additional specialty armaments. None of the torpedoes the ship was reported to be equipped with were recovered from the wreck, a decade later.

Under command of Soba Garruk, a first time commander, Tranquility completed its first mission which it had launched for. Tasked with supplying resistance fighters on Betazed, the ship successfully delivered its cargo as directed. It suffered 30% casualties of the bare-bones crew before escaping the system. Damages to the ship were worst along one of the nacelle struts, but were not considered pressing enough to queue the small messenger craft ahead of more critically damaged warships when it arrived at starbase for new orders. Garruk and his remaining crew were then ordered on their last mission. Having already sustained damage, Tranquility did not return to any starbase again. A brief investigation was conducted after the war, but the sheer magnitude of losses suffered by the Federation made the loss of one ship an all too familiar story. Tranquility was considered destroyed by hostile forces and the file was closed.

Tranquility Project 2385-2392

Officially, Tranquility was still considered to have been completely destoyed until 2385, when it was discovered by the USS Euphrates. Before then, some inquiries were made into its disappearance, but no hard evidence was considered by Starfleet to be worth investigating. A formal investigation was launched by Starfleet, at first only to ensure that the crash did not represent a security leak of information. Unfortunately, jurisdiction of the planet was recognised to Baron Yvanen Toutilani, who was reluctant to give up a claim on the crash when he learned of it from Starfleet.

The Tranquility Project was pioneered by the Diplomatic Corps, and especially Commander Berdas who began negotiations with the Barony of Yvanen. The Project was a small taskforce organised just to retrieve the wreck at first, but later to restore it and facilitate its coopting by the Federation Diplomatic Service. The concept of Starfleet providing a dedicated ship to the civilian agency had been on the books for years. The Diplomatic Service were sorely in need of vessels which had greater capabilities, but had always relied on Starfleet when large starships were needed and a civilian transport wasn't appropriate. While Galaxy Class ships and other appropriate vessels were often perfectly suited to serving the Federation Council and its diplomats, the process of diverting such ships to the task often complicated diplomatic operations by adding a frustrating step to the proceedings. By operating directly under the authority of the Diplomatic Service, the USS Tranquility would allow for faster responses to critical situations, and for Starfleet to avoid pulling ships away from other duties to accomodate.

A committee was formed for what would be dubbed the Tranquility Project. With the cooperation of Starfleet, its Diplomatic Corps, and the Federation Diplomatic Service, a small group of officiates were set in charge of the ship's operation and deployment. They would also oversee it's resotration. Finally, they would also submit and then select canditates to serve as the ship's senior staff. Starfleet would select the command staff, especially the captain who was likely to be a member of the Diplomatic Corps, and the Federation Diplomatic Service wanted to include an observer from their own organisation to act as a permanent liaison.

Finally, in 2392, the Tranquility Project was offically completed, and the Restored USS Tranquility was transferred into the command of the Diplomatic Service, to begin operations.


Placed under the command of Tyro Adina, Tranquility began standard operation with a rotating crew. The first major deployment for the ship was the investigation into the Kin Yao refugee crisis. She was the only ship present during the Marine Takeover of the Araceli Colony, and subsequent terrorist attacks. The USS Tranquility, under Adina's command, also submitted a formal declaration of support for the Kin Yao, against the wishes of the Klingon Empire.

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