- 001 - Brief - Sea of Tranquility

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Sea of Tranquility

Mission 1


Title: Sea of Tranquility
Status: Ended

Primary Goal: Collect Commander Tyro Adina safely from Melona IV colony.
Secondary Goal(s): Entertain press representatives and other guests of Starfleet.

Treat Level: Low
Complexity: Low
Expectation: Players are free to do whatever they want <3

Mission Focus: Character Development

In Character (IC)

Her first great achievement, USS Tranquility has successfully taken to the skies from the Lunar shipyards. A recommissioned wreck, the USS Tranquility has been almost entirely reconstructed after 20 years lost. As the crew gathers at Tranquility Base, on Luna, they prepare to take the ship on it's first voyage in decades. The ship is designed to serve as a work-horse for the fleet, and as such, will operate continuously once her new crew come aboard. In temporary command of the vessel is Commander Berdas. Orders to the crew will be given soon, for them to journey to Melona IV, where they will get the chance to meet the officer selected for command: Tyro Adina.

In addition, Commander Berdas will also receive his orders for their next task. Once Commander Adina is safely aboard, Tranquility will divert to meet Baron Yvanen Toutilani, to deliver payment he is owed by Starfleet.

Out of Context (OOC)

Tranquility is playing host to a pair of film-makers, who are eager to expose and tease the crew to the best of their ability. During the cruise to Melona, these members of the Federation press will feature the Tranquility as it comes to life.

Meanwhile, players are encouraged to think of ways in which the histories of their characters have crossed with Tranquility before. These stories, much of which will involve the wreck of the starship, will be told throughout the mission as flashbacks through time.


Mission Start: February 1st, 2015
Mission Close:

Act I
Journey for Wildfire, part 1, part 2, part 3
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March of the Bolians
The Help
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An intelligent presence
Perspectives on Peace
Access Restricted
Kaybok's Arrival, part 1, part 2
In the Interest of Time
Supply and Demand
Sensitivity Seminar
Freedom of the Press
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The World of the Living

Act II
Franchise Potential
Latest Ship
Indirect Directness
Grace Under Pressure
Disruptive Filmaking
Unlikely Trio
The Uninitiated
I'm Healthy ok?
Kitty Complaint
New Content Available
Rescue, part 1, part 2

Only Resting
Bell Ringer
No Fing Way
Ships Passing in the Night
Pulsar Spree
The Honoured Dead

Personal Logs
Chief Intelligence Officer's Log - Entry 1.
Media Relations Officer, Personal Log
Supplemental Log: Subcategory
Distant Thoughts ...

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