- 801 - Tranquility's Diplomatic Chancery

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In the 20th century, it was said the White House was Earth's single greatest home court diplomatic advantage. Not so. Air Force One was, in fact, that world's single greatest diplomatic advantage. State of the art communications ability, the ability to provide diplomatic home turf all over that planet within hours, unbelievable defensive countermeasures, onsite berthing, autonomous diplomatic offices and suites that rivaled many of their stationary contemporaries.

In much the same way the USS Tranquility, the crown jewel of Starfleet's Diplomatic Corps, presented the United Federation of Planets with a similar portable home court advantage.

The chancery aboard Tranquility allows privacy, hospitality, safety, special handling and personal touch.


Tranquility's Chancery is reached via a rather non-descript corridor on Deck 2 off Tranquility's Grand Hall. The regular wood paneling common to Tranquility's redesign abruptly gives way to floor to ceiling glass-like transparasteel. The transparency represents the transparency of the work that goes on inside. It should be noted that portions or the entirety of the wall can be "frosted" over or opaqued as necessary.

This location, so near to Tranquility's Grand Hall, positions the Diplomatic Suites conveniently near to State Functions, Galas, Receptions, and other Affairs of State commonly encountered in the course of Tranquility's function as Diplomatic Flagship of the Fleet.

The chancery's position on Deck 2 also puts it in close proximity to the Bridge. This is essential given the nature of Tranquility's mission.


Tranquilty's main Diplomatic area is divided into two levels:

Level 1

  • Lobby
  • Main Reception
  • Serenidad Piscina
  • Waiting Area
  • Refreshment Area
  • Diplomatic Suite 1
  • Diplomatic Suite 2
  • Main Diplomatic Chamber
  • Variable Environment Negotiation Chamber
  • Private Offices for three Diplomatic Officers
  • Realtime Translation Nook
  • Temporary Office Space for Foreign Dignitaries

Level 2

  • Balcony Walkway
  • Office of Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • Office of Executive Assistant to Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • Media Bay
  • Office of Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • Office of Diplomatic Protocol Officer
  • Dedicated Diplomatic Computer Core
  • Bullpen/Unassigned Area
  • Safe Room


Upon entering Tranquility's Diplomatic arena you immediately sense the quiet. This atmosphere has been carefully cultivated to provide the best possible advantage to Tranquility's Diplomatic retinue. Every effort was taken to ensure this space would be met as a space where something very important happens.

The floors are made of marble. Taking center stage a very large, detailed recreation of the Seal of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps is inlaid into the flooring. In a semicircle around the aft radius of the Seal are Doric columns, one for each of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets.

To the left of the entrance is fully grown and carefully tended olive tree - the olive branch being an ages old Terran tradition of treaty for peace. This beautiful tree is surrounded by circular benching.

To the far left is the Serenidad Piscina, an area of quiet reflection. Wood benches line two walls in an L-shaped area facing an expertly-crafted serenity pool filled with dancing koi, an on point metaphor. The Serenidad Piscina is also home to the permanent art installation 'Recordó la Tranquilidad a la Vida' crafted by the renowned Cardassian sculptor Aurus. This area serves as a contemplative waiting area for visiting dignitaries.

Scanning right, and around the olive tree, the hallway leading into the working area of the Diplomatic detachment is viewable. Along the left wall of the central corridor is the door to the intimate Diplomatic Suite 1, beyond that a more discreet entrance to the area for rare realtime translation needs, and the larger Diplomatic Suite 2.

Discreet offices for temporary assignment to visiting dignitaries exist along the outer rim, taking advantage of the architecture of Tranquility's saucer ection.

Further right is the curved architecture and entrance to the Main Diplomatic Chamber. Also visible is the entrance to a hallway perpendicular to the main corridor.

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