002 - Winter Shoreleave

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Post Library for Winter Shoreleave, in Narrative Order

Following the Events of Araceli, the USS Tranquility spent months in Transit Operation, before returning to Betazed for New Orders.

Mission Start:
Mission Close:

The Turn of the Day Hadley, Berdas Epilogue to "Outbreak"
Karima and the Yridian Hadley, Karima Epilogue
The Invisible Search Everyone Epilogue
All the Things We Do Not Know Hadley, Karima, Tollitson, Tsisia Epilogue
USS AmataFang Amata Zan, Ungnyeo Fang Epilogue
Threshold Hadley, Berdas, Amata Zan, Tsisia, Tollitson Epilogue
The Savage Death of Lt. Karima Hadley, Amata Zan, Kenric Gallows Epilogue
Get By With A Little Help From My Friends Aurus, Tersim Epilogue
Exploiting Efficacy Hadley, Seram Epilogue
The Savage Death of Lt. Karima pt 2 Hadley, Amata Zan, Kenric Gallows Epilogue
Ambress Hadley, Amata Zan, Kenric Gallows Epilogue
Multi-Tasking Hadley, Donovan Clarke Epilogue
Inside the Fire Hadley, Amata Zan, Seram Epilogue
Missing Spark Hadley Epilogue
Wisdom from the Sage Hadley, Berdas, Amata Zan, Tollitson Epilogue
Legend of Serpents Aurus, Tersim Epilogue
Darkened Windows Hadley, Donovan Clarke Epilogue
When doors close, windows open Hadley, Tollitson, Tsisia, Tersim, Donovan Clarke Epilogue
Some Voyage Hadley, Tollitson Epilogue
Eager Guardian Hadley, Donovan Clarke Epilogue
Pale Fox Amata Zan, Hadley Epilogue
Vacant Hunter Karima Epilogue
Hope Hadley, Lenore Fitzpatrick, Berdas, Amata Zan Epilogue
Aethhon Everyone Epilogue
Seeds of Ruin Karima Epilogue

I Do Not Always Know What I Want Donovan Clarke Transit
Ghost in the MachineKaybokPersonal Log
AnoDynamics Award Show (part I) Everyone Transit
AnoDynamics Award Show! (part II) Everyone Transit
Trembling Dreams Hadley Transit
Whispering Men Aurus Transit
Lies and Damn Lies Hadley, Kaelin Vex, Henry Tollitson Transit
A Parliament of Trees Kaybok, Hadley, Wulan Towashi, Slug Transit
Syntholism Pundraiser Everypun Transit
Making Your Way in the World Today Seram, Kenric Gallows, Coco, Aurus Transit
Carga Delicada Berdas, Hadley Transit
Calls from Home Berdas Transit
Sister Kaelin Kaelin Vex, Irulan Cicada Initiation
Less is More Kaybok, Wulan Towashi Transit
Confidential Berdas, Kenric Gallows, USS Falcion Transit
Former First Lady Kaelin Vex, Marcella Moneo Transit
Presidential Dinner for Two Kaelin Vex, Marcello Moneo Transit
Doctor Strange Murik, Tyro Adina Transit
The Skeptic Seram, Chiopp Transit
Hallowed Halls Nikoelin Sar Tasartir Happy Halloween!
Ice Climb Hadley, Tyro Adina, Berdas Transit
Classic of Tea Berdas, Hadley, Ccerost Transit
The Fog of Bloodwine Kaybok Arrival At Betazed

Avarice and Greed Berdas Happy Holidays!
Composition Amata Zan Orbiting Betazed
QujmeH moQ not chagh jIH jatlhqa' Kaybok Personal Log
Arrivals Ritona Frialis, Tyro Adina Pre-Convention
Turbolift One Ritona Frialis Pre-Convention
Kaybok's Wandering Mind Kaybok Pre-Convention
Pre-Convention Conventions Everyone Pre-Convention
Meeting the Team Ritona Frialis Pre-Convention
A Father's Love Terri Lee Null
As if the Twins kissed Alekelia illm A'olha Personal Log
How the Islands came to be Alekelia illm A'olha Personal Log
Frigid Tyler Adina, Haven Adina Prologue

*posts marked in bold denote importance to the main plot*

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