- 205 - Kin Yao Migration - Major

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Iseung is a planet within Klingon space. The species inhabiting Iseung are called the Kin Yao, but are technologically unmatched with the Klingons or their galactic neighbors. They are also officially a client state of the Klingon Empire.

Unfortunately, the autonomous government on the Kin Yao homeworld is repressive and brutally authoritarian. Internal conflict is severe on the planet, abuses of power and violations of basic rights are rampant, and civil liberty is virtually non-existent. The Klingon High Council has rejected Federation interference, aid, or assistance of any kind. In fact, very little information about daily life on Iseung is available outside of Klingon Space at all. The Federation considers it an internal matter of the Klingon Empire.

Araceli Refugee Crisis

The Archanis Sector is the closest Federation sector to the Kin Yao homeworld of Iseung. In late 2392, news of mass migrations began to surface of Kin Yao refugees fleeing into the Federation through Archanis. Araceli and its bordering systems soon became a hotspot for migrants escaping an unreported conflict on their homeworld

The Klingon High Counsel then petitioned Starfleet to detain and refuse entry to any Kin Yao attempting to flee across the border. The Klingons offered no support or intelligence as to the nature of the conflict on Iseung, but assured Starfleet that Klingon forces were not involved, except to protect the autonomy of their subject races. Starfleet dispatched the USS Tranquility to investigate.

During the subsequent investigation of Archanis and the causes of the crisis, a terrorist attack was carried out on the Federation colony of Araceli, right on the border with the Klingon Empire. The marine detachment stationed on the planet, commanded by Colonel Seraphina Palacios, declared the colony to be under martial law. The USS Regent was dispatched to assist Tranquility in restoring order. The USS Tranquility arrested a number of suspected operatives of one or more factions from the Kin Yao homeworld, including the crew of a stolen Klingon battlecruiser. These operatives were killed in an escape attempt and their ship was destroyed, only after broadcasting a manifesto claiming responsibility for the attacks on the colony.

Crew of the USS Tranquility submitted a recommendation to Starfleet to keep the border open to refugees from Iseung, against the wishes of the Klingon High Council.

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