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In Star Trek, we don't know much about how duty shifts work outside of Alpha, Beta, and Grandma. We're somewhat led to believe that Alpha shift is a daytime shift that the Senior crew takes, and the rest rotate through different officers performing the same job. There are a lot of ways to interpret what's on screen, but what follows is what I will be adopting for the purposes of the USS Tranquility.


The chart below is based on the duty rotation of a real-world naval ship. The credit goes to Brent for putting it together for us. Each day is separated into Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The entire rotation repeats from the beginning after a three-day period.

Imagine life aboard the USS Tranquility, the day-to-day of living and working all within the space of a starship, nothing at all outside walking distance, weeks and months on end. In this environment, time is relative to say the least, and we aren't limited to a 9-5 workday. Instead, you have a great deal of freedom in how you use your time. The chart below is the basic shape of your three-day-week under standard, transit conditions. When those conditions change, when something unexpected arises, the organised day shown on the chart below may be interrupted. We are the protagonists of this story, and we are the officers called on when interesting things happen -whether we are on-duty or no.

All together, each day is divided into three shifts and six slots. Each slot is four hours long, and one eight-hour shift has two slots. The times shown are represented in military time, starting at 0 for midnight, and ending after 24 hours at midnight the next say.

Alpha shift lasts starting at midnight to 8:00 AM. Beta shift lasts from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Gamma shift lasts from 4:00 PM until midnight. At any given time of day, someone is always On Duty.


Shown in green are the time-slots where each section is officially On Duty. This is when an officer must be at their post. It's expected of a good officer to arrive on-time and even earlier if they're relieving somebody else, but that is mostly a courtesy. No officer may leave their post before being relieved, even if they are left working extra hours.

Administrative Duties

Shown in purple, Administration catches a lot of the extra obligations an officer may have. This includes training members of their staff, coordinating with other departments, meeting starfleet responsibilities outside of their duties aboard the ship, or really anything else they need to be doing beyond their regular activities. An officer can also take advantage of this time to catch up on sleep or take personal time if they require. The orders are not as strict during this period in their day. If they are not on-duty however, officers should not loiter on the Bridge or around crew-members who are working, and whom they may be distracting.


Shown in red, these slots in the day are an officer's down time. They can choose to use these hours in whatever manner they wish. They should probably attend to their mental health, hobbies, friends, and sleep as much as they can. Off-duty officers can remove their uniforms, but they are not allowed to be on the bridge or in areas of the ship where other crew are supposed to be working.


Finally, the entire crew itself is divided into sections. Each operate throughout the week, but at different times. The Head of each Department has the responsibility to choose which personnel on their staff belong to which section, who work well together and who they want to work most closely with. A Department Head can give an officer additional responsibility by putting them in charge of a section, or they can separate crew who disrupt each other.

All senior staff work Section 1 shifts, including the captain. Typically, Section 2 shifts are performed by the next senior officer, with the XO in command of the Bridge. All that really matters is that somebody is always on duty.

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