The Sisterhood

Created by Commander Tyro Adina on Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 10:50am

Welcome Sister!

You have been initiated into a secret, ancient, mystical society!
Having first been chosen by the Tranquility Council to be here, at this point in history, aboard this vessel is only a matter of time before you are offered a place among us.
We are the Sisterhood, and we see you, we welcome you.


Greetings Sister! I am finally putting this down in a way that (probably) works on some level. If you are confused, the Sisterhood is a meta-game within the Tranquility universe. It is meant to reward players with what matters most: story! The sisterhood is a secret society aboard the ship, and spanning the galaxy. They work for mysterious goals, not all good and not all sinister. Some encounters with this secretive group will be fantastical, or nonsensical, or emotional, but they will always be fun to write. They are an extra bit of flavour for players invested in the sim and our adventures, and hopefully unique to your own character and their personal journey.

The catch is this is not a free-to-access feature of the Tranquility universe. This is my silly, meta-arc, and I will not allow you co-opt it. Your characters can talk about their experiences among themselves if they must, but the magic will not follow them beyond the confines of this game-within-a-game.

Playing the Game

I make it sound complicated, but it's actually not. Starting from their initiation (and from the writing of this page) each player accumulates points until their next encounter with the sisterhood. When a player earns twenty-five points, they get from me a JP with Irulan, her sisters, or the experience of whatever dreamlike fantasy I can think of. There are no specific limitations on what might happen, but this is a side-plot that will only ever develop along these perimeters.

You may not always want to broach too far from the typical Star Trek fantasy, or your character might have other feelings toward these intruders in the middle of your story. You do not always have to take the coins that the sisterhood offers, but rejecting them will only be trading mystical fantasy for deep-science futurism. Also, these rules and guidelines may change! This is an experiment I am pleased to bring you, and I hope everyone will get their fair share until I have it perfectly crafted.


All that remains to be said is that the Sisterhood is tied to the fate of the ship, and this sim... we have come through reality itself and encompass everything. So there are a number of ways I will award points toward your next date with destiny. They include, but are not limited to the following:

Posting! Who is really going to post 25 times in a month? On THIS sim? Maybe it could change, but we can only wait and see. Solo posts always deserve a coin.

Improving over last month! When you succeed, we all succeed, and thank you! Additionally, if the sim as a whole improves over the previous month, everyone will earn a coin each for their contributions.

Awards! If you win an award, an OF award or otherwise, you also get a coin. If you were nominated, it means you certainly deserve it. When we all win an award from the Fleet, however, nobody needs an extra coin. Everyone gets to enjoy the company of their sisters as a group.

Community. If you are being friendly, kind, and have a good attitude, I think that's worth a great deal.

Really Good Posts! Sometimes, a writer can accomplish something really special. They can write a post that's gripping and funny and brilliant overall. Probably worth a coin.

Indulging the GM~ Sometimes I notice things that make me smile, and I will give you a coin that comes seemingly from out of nowhere. Other times, I might put up a challenge or think up some kind of meta-game to play among the crew. I suggest those on Discord at times. Rap battles or pun competitions or other odd ideas. Why not offer a coin for your patience <3

Being Active in the Fleet. We are rooted in Obsidian Fleet, and at times it's difficult to reach out. I encourage any participation, and would be happy to reward the effort it sometimes takes.

Final Word

It remains to be said explicitly that this is a Work in Progress. It may take a few tries before this idea takes shape in a way that satisfies and accommodates everyone. This isn't intended to be invasive, or competitive. It's for me, to feel that I am giving players as much as they put in.

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